Hey — you did it!

People didn’t really love the way Walgreens changed its Balance Rewards program back in October.

Shoppers expressed their displeasure at only being able to spend $5.00 in Balance Rewards points at a time — and Walgreens heard them loud and clear.

Now, seems like we’re going back to the future.


Remember when you could spend $50.00 in Balance Rewards points? The good times are back.

Yeah, it was a big shock in the fall when Walgreens said that you could only spend $5.00 in Rewards points per transaction — especially when it had been up to $50.00.

Negative feedback from employees and customers helped Walgreens see the light to reinstate the higher spending limit.


What about Balance Rewards point values? Nobody knows (yet).

Before last fall, 40,000 Balance Rewards were worth $50.00. Then that amount was worth just $40.00. Will the original values return?

Walgreens hasn’t shared details of what else is changing — even with their employees — and that includes Balance Rewards values.

But if Starbucks’ ongoing rewards evolution is any indicator, we’re not likely to see a return to previous values.


We’re also looking at a return to earning lots of points on promoted products.

Walgreens runs promos where you can earn additional points when you buy certain items — but since the fall, they were equal to or less than 5,000 points.

Since the maximum Balance Rewards spend is going back up, it’s easy to imagine that shoppers could once again earn more than 5,000 points by purchasing certain products.



The changes are coming May 5.

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone!


Regardless of the Balance Rewards policy, we’ve got you covered for saving money at Walgreens.

Stay tuned to our Walgreens deals page, and you’ll keep tabs on special offers.


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Walgreens Balance Rewards Is Going Back to the Way It Was