Walmart is ending Savings Catcher, guys.

But if we’re being honest, they pretty much killed it back in October when they made a whole bunch of changes to it that people largely hated.

The functionality within the Walmart app — which caught price drops and credited them to shoppers as an eGift card — has an expiration date. Here’s what you need to know:


Walmart says its superior discounts makes Savings Catcher irrelevant now.

Savings Catcher was born to make sure Walmart customers got the best deal on things they bought — giving them the difference when a competitor’s price was found to be lower than Walmart’s.

Now, Walmart says that since Savings Catcher appeared, the store has “worked hard to lower prices on thousands of everyday items” — and the result is that they’ve declared themselves the overwhelming price champs.

So Savings Catcher? They’re saying it’s unnecessary.


The last day to submit a receipt to Savings Catcher will be May 14, 2019.

But in case you missed the news back in October, you can’t scan paper receipts anymore. You have to use Walmart Pay at the register — scanning a QR code to create an eReceipt that Savings Catcher will use.


Got an eGift Card from Savings Catcher? Don’t worry, it won’t expire.

Although you won’t be able to receive new rewards after May 14th, any rewards you’ve accumulated will be available to you indefinitely.

TIP: Want to know if you have an eGift Card balance? In the Walmart app, tap “Account” then “Payment Methods” — the eGift Card balance is located in the “Walmart Gift Cards” section.


This marks the end of price matching at Walmart stores.

Walmart used to match the lower prices of competitor stores. Then, Savings Catcher became the home of price matching.

Now, Walmart says price matching is a thing of the past.


Price matching still exists at, though — with select competitors.

Learn the specifics of’s price matching policy — and then contact Customer Care to request an adjustment.


Don’t despair — there are still plenty of ways to save at Walmart without price matching.

From finding freebies to taking advantage of clearance sales to couponing hacks, we’ve got you covered when it comes to savings at Walmart.

The best way, of course, is to keep tabs on Walmart deals through The Krazy Coupon Lady!


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No More Price Matching at Walmart — They're Killing Savings Catcher