What is it about champagne that makes everything feel like more of a celebration?

If you don’t like drinking effervescent heaven, there’s still a lot you can do with it.

Check out these tips to make champagne part of your daily routine and keep from pouring it down the drain.


1. Make a delicious champagne vinaigrette.

Combine some champagne with dijon mustard, olive oil, salt and pepper for the perfect vinaigrette.

Get the full recipe here.


2. Keep it sweet with champagne cupcakes.

Pour some bubbly in with your favorite vanilla cupcake batter for a light and airy texture.

Get the full recipe here.

TIP: Top them with champagne buttercream frosting!


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3. Make a champagne body scrub.

Champagne is great for softening skin! Just follow this recipe to make your own champagne body scrub that only feels crazy expensive.


4. Make some champagne gummies.

You can make the gummies from scratch with this recipe, or you can buy your favorites and soak them in champagne for two or three days. (Don’t worry, they won’t go bad.)

Either way, you’ll get a delicious adults-only treat!



5. Get fancy and make some meringues.

These are so deceptively easy! All you need is 4 egg whites, 3/4 cup sugar and 2 teaspoons pink champagne. The pink will give it a subtle hue that you won’t regret.

Whip them together then bake them at 200 degrees for an hour. So good!


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6. Make breakfast better with champagne and pear crepes.

You can actually eat these crepes any time of the day, and you probably should.

TIP: Poach your pears the night before to make your life a lot easier.


7. Make a champagne “poptail.”

Mix water, sugar, lemon juice, raspberries or strawberries and champagne. Then freeze them up!

TIP: These are the perfect boozy addition to a summer brunch.


8. Make a romantic dinner even better with champagne and risotto.

Swap out champagne for white wine when you cook up your risotto for a well-rounded flavor.

Get the full recipe here.


9. Put a sparkling champagne twist on fettucini alfredo.

This recipe is done in one pot and would make a super simple (and fancy!) New Year’s dinner.


10. Three words: Champagne Jello Shots.

Via Delish

Mix up the traditional jello shot by adding champagne in with your vodka.

TIP: Top them with sprinkles to make them truly celebration-worthy.


11. Put a champagne twist on chocolate-covered strawberries.

Soak your strawberries in champagne overnight, then let them dry on a paper towel.

Melt your favorite chocolate in a double-broiler or in the microwave, then dip your strawberries. Let them cool on wax paper before serving the best treat ever.


12. Make a New Year’s champagne pound cake.

The bubbles in champagne make for a super light and fluffy cake. Try it with this pound cake recipe and you won’t be sad.


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13. Try some pink champagne cake pops.

These would make a perfect addition to a bridal shower! Make them even more festive by rolling them in sparkling sugar.


14. Whip up some homemade champagne marshmallows.

These fluffy little treats are a little more work, but they will steal the show at your next get-together.


15. Make a classic champagne truffle.

Truffles are THE champagne dessert. If you’ve never tried them, now is your chance.


16. Be as French as possible by making champagne macarons.

Seriously, though. This recipe will make you feel like you’re basically living in Paris.


17. Start a buzz with some boozy champagne lollipops.

Make this spiked treat with champagne, water, sugar and corn syrup.


18. Make the most luxurious champagne bubble bath ever.

You just need 8 oz. of soap concentrate and 4 oz. of champagne for this DIY bubble bath.

Mix them slowly (to avoid wasting the bubbling effect). Then pour it straight into your bath.

TIP: Add. Glitter.


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