Cyber Monday Week continues on!  Check out today’s Lightning Deals, where select toys, games, apparel and more go on sale every hour!  Refresh this link often to see what’s going live!  The best deals sell out quickly–sometimes within only a few minutes!

Today’s lightning deals include Barbie, Batman the Dark Night Rises toys and Lego Duplo. I’m eagerly awaiting the sale prices on this Killerspin Myt5 Rollaway Tennis Table and the Lifetime 1558 XL Portable Basketball System. For a more comprehensive list, click here.

A few tips to successful buying of Amazon Lightning Deals:

1. Look at all the deals for the day.  Select the ones that look appealing and do some comparison shopping research.  Decide at what price point you will want to buy. Once the deal is live, don’t purchase unless the price is below your predetermined number!

2. Log into your Amazon account before the deal you want goes live.  You don’t want to spend too long logging into your account that you miss a great deal!

3. Learn how to get free shipping with an Amazon Prime membership.

4. Remain calm. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype and urgency of a Lightning Deal.  Just make sure you’re looking out for your own bottom line.  If it’s too costly for your budget, or if you won’t use it– it’s not a deal to you no matter how low the price.


Amazon Lightning Deals: Ping Pong, Basketball Hoop, Barbie, Batman, LEGO Duplo