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50 Best Creative Couples Halloween Costumes and Tips to Avoid Scary Costs

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If you’re looking for couples Halloween costumes that are fun but won’t cost a fortune, you’re in the right place. It’s time to say no to boring, expensive options and say yes to creative, affordable choices this Halloween. And don’t be fooled by the “couples” name. You could be a romantic duo or platonic friends to pull off these looks.

On average, Halloween costumes for couples could cost at least $50, with more detailed options getting closer to $80. One way to save is by taking the DIY route by heading to thrift stores, borrowing clothes from friends or family, or splitting the costume cost with your partner.

October is a great time to save at Spirit Halloween because you can use their 20% off coupons up until a few days before Halloween. Don’t forget to look for costume clearance sales at places like Walmart and Target to save up to 50% or more.

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Here are the 50 best couples Halloween costumes for 2023:


1. Barbie and Ken Halloween costume

Barbie Roller skate costume

This duo reigned supreme in 2023, so grab a partner to create this Barbie and Ken Halloween costume. These two have lots of fashion choices, but the ’80s workout costume for women ($25.99-$29.99 each) and ’80s costume for men ($31.99-$41.99 each) are great starters. Tie it altogether and insert yourselves in vintage Barbie boxes ($55) if you really want to splurge.

For a limited time, Walmart has rollback deals on the Rollerblade Barbie women’s costume ($19) and men’s Rollerblade Ken Halloween costume ($24).

ONLINE or In-Store Deal
$19.58$27.97(30% off)
$24.48$34.97(30% off)

2. 1980s Couples Halloween Costumes

80s Couple Costume

The 1980s seemed to have a resurgence with the influence of the Barbie movie. This decade has iconic fashions like biker shorts, shoulder pads, and Members Only jackets. For fun, ’80s inspired couples Halloween costumes, try men’s tracksuits ($25.99) and women’s tracksuits ($22). Or go to Goodwill to find even cheaper ’80s gear.


3. Ariel and Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid

You didn’t need to be a kid to fall in love with this year’s The Little Mermaid movie. Amazon has the Prince Eric ($59) and Ariel ($42) Halloween costumes for couples.


4. Mario and Princess Peach from The Super Mario Bros

There was all sorts of Super Mario Brothers news this year – a movie and new Super Mario Oreos. Get in on the fun with a men’s Mario costume ($40-$45) and women’s Princess Peach ($39-$69) outfit. Frankly, if you have a frilly pink dress you could just pair it with a Princess Peach Crown set ($14) and save $39+. Fellas, pair a plain green or red long-sleeve shirt with a Mario mustache, hat, and glove set for only $20 on Amazon.


5. Adult Charcuterie Board costumes

There’s nothing like eating a charcuterie board during the holidays, but now you can wear one as a couples Halloween costume idea. Party City has an Adult Charcuterie Board Costume ($32 each) available as a tunic for adults with four removable 3D cheese pieces.


6. Jack and Rose from Titanic Halloween costumes

If Titanic is your favorite movie, Amazon has just what you need for your next couples Halloween costumes. The men’s Titanic costume starts at $59 and the women’s Titanic-inspired dress is currently selling for $57. Again, a trip to Salvation Army, Goodwill, or a friends’ closet could make this a DIY option.


7. Matching Daredevil couples Halloween costumes

For a limited time, the daredevil couples’ costumes are on sale online at Tipsy Elves for $59.95 each (reg. $79). Each set includes the jumpsuit, belt, and cape.


8. Fred and Wilma Flintstone from ‘The Flintstones’

For less than $70 for both outfits, Fred and Wilma Flintstone could be your next Halloween couples costume. Fred’s set includes the tunic and tie, while you’ll get Wilma’s dress, headpiece, and necklace.


9. Cowboy and Cowgirl couples costumes


Whether you’re influenced by the television show Yellowstone or you just have an affinity for Western culture, Amazon has adult cowgirl ($45.95) and cowboy ($35.99) costumes.


10. Angel & Devil couples Halloween costumes

Here’s your chance to pick your favorite good or bad representative for Halloween. The angel and devil couples costumes come with the white dress and halo and red blazer, pants, pitchfork, and horns. Right now, Tipsy Elves has them on sale for $69.95 each, compared to $79.95.


11. Danny and Sandy from Grease costumes for adults

These costumes can actually be affordable if you already have some basics, like tight black pants. For less than $35 each, Amazon has the women’s Grease-inspired costume ($28.99) and the Grease men’s costume ($34.99) with the shirt, pants, and belt. There’s a Grease wig, but it’s sold separately. Grab a friend and invite them to become a Pink Lady ($19.99).


12. Oreo couples costumes

Looking for a couples costume for about $50? The Oreo costume includes two tunics. An Amazon review from 2022 notes that, “The white part of the cookie is only on one side of the cookie, so the front part of the cookie is all black. Both costumes should have white sides.”


13. ’70s couples costumes

Whether it was Barbie or Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour, there was a bit of 1970s nostalgia in 2023. If you don’t have anything in your closet (or can’t locate a good thrift store outfit), Amazon has a hippie ’70s dress ($34.95) and a men’s ’70s-inspired denim jumpsuit (starting at $45).


14. King and Queen couples Halloween costumes

If you’re looking for couples Halloween costume ideas that are reminiscent of Bridgerton‘s Queen Charlotte and King George of England, opt for a woman’s royal queen ($40) and men’s noble king ($35) costume.


15. Gomez and Morticia Addams from The Addams Family

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, and they also make for sexy Halloween costumes for couples. Find Gomez and Morticia costumes on Spirit Halloween for $59.99 each. Use their 20% off coupon to save $11.99 off one costume, making it just $47.99.


16. Skeleton Bride and Groom couples costumes

For Halloween costumes for couples that are scary, this skeleton bride and groom meets the task. Wear a standard black suit and long black dress, along with character makeup for $10.


17. Matching Inflatable Tube Guy couples costumes

With this Halloween costume idea, you can stay warm and bring some humor to a Halloween party. The matching inflatable costumes include the orange onesies complete with the waving flair on the hood. Find them on sale right now at Tipsy Elves for $69.95, normally $79.95.


18. Jason Voorhees’ Friday the 13th couples costumes

What’s Halloween without a tribute to Friday the 13th‘s character Jason Voorhees? Party City has lots of options for the Jason Voorhees costume, including a mask, machete, bloody jersey (and dress), and hat. Adult costumes start at $25. Save 15% on orders of $30 or more at Party City by signing up for email notifications.


19. Adult Party Toga couples Halloween costumes

Pullover party toga tunics are the way to go as Halloween costumes if you live in states with warm weather during October. This $28 option from Amazon includes the leaf headband, one tunic, belt, and the red and blue shawl.


20. Framed Painting couples Halloween costumes

If you’re looking for more creative couples halloween costume ideas, how about turning into a literal piece of art? These framed painting couples ($46) costumes on Amazon come as tunics with a hole right through the faux artwork.


21. Cruella and a Dalmatian couples Halloween costumes

Going as Cruella ($59.99) for Halloween combines sex appeal and a bit of fear. Having your partner dress in a Dalmatian costume ($23.99) is the only way to complete the story. If you already have a form-fitting black dress, just opt for the Cruella Deville accessories set: red gloves, wig, and pearl necklace for just $25 on Amazon.


22. Beauty & the Beast couples costumes

Even if your partner isn’t a “beast”, this couple’s Halloween costume idea is easily recognizable. The Belle costume ($54) includes the classic yellow gown, while the Beast costume ($52) includes the tail coat, vest, mask with faux fur, and neckband.


23. Couples Halloween costumes from Austin Powers

No matter how long it’s been since the Austin Powers movie came out, it still makes for a funny Halloween costume for couples. Choose the sequined British flag dress (starting at $37) and the “groovy” 1960s purple suit ($39.95).


24. Couples Halloween costumes from Black Panther

If you want to go all out for Halloween and show your love for Marvel Comics, Amazon has an adult Black Panther costume ($69.99) that includes the padded jumpsuit, mask, and boot tops. The women’s Shuri costume ($51), complete with the jumpsuit with collar, belt with buckle, sheer drape, armbands, and black gauntlets.


25. Joker & Harley Quinn costumes

Harley Quinn and The Joker definitely fit the bill for Halloween costumes for couples that are scary. Head to Amazon for the 6-piece Joker costume ($52) and the Harley Quinn’s 2-piece costume (starting at $28). Don’t forget the Harley Quinn makeup ($18)!


26. Missing Puzzle couples Halloween costumes

For a humorous take on Halloween, try this last minute costume idea that’s also a double entendre. Each Complete the Puzzle themed tunic ($34.99) is the half of a missing puzzle piece.


27. Adult Jack-o’-Lanterns Halloween costumes

Here’s another zippered onesie Halloween costume idea that’s comfy and easy to pull together at the last minute. Amazon’s adult jack-o’-lantern costumes range from size small to extra large, starting at $35.99 each. A cheaper alternative is just wearing black jeans and jack-o’-lantern T-shirts for $13 each.


28. Steve and Robin from Stranger Things

stranger things robin and steve scoops ahoy couples halloween costume

Arrr matey! There’s no Halloween costume idea list without including a character or two from Stranger Things. The shorts, hat, vest, collared shirt, and name tag are all included in the Steve Scoops Ahoy costume ($49.99) and the Robin Scoops Ahoy costume ($36.99). Now just brush up on your Russian decoding skills.


29. Squid Game costumes

squid games contestants couples halloween costumes

Whether you’ve seen Squid Game or not, you’ll surely recognize the signature tracksuits. They sure do make comfortable couples Halloween costumes. The $40 adult Squid Game player tracksuits come with the signature green jacket, pants, and shirt. For an extra $14, you could score a Squid Game mask.


30. Top Gun Halloween couples costumes


The Top Gun Halloween costumes for women ($42) and men ($50) are perfect for your next party. The jumpsuits are adorned with embroidered chest and shoulder patches to an authentic look.


31. A League of Their Own costumes

a league of their own dottie and kit couples halloween costumes

You and your partner can truly be in a league of your own with two authentic movie (and now TV show) looks. While we’re clearly rooting for the Rockford Peaches, the Racine Belles aren’t too shabby. Both A League of Their Own costumes include the dress, hat, belt, and socks for $50. Don’t forget to use a Spirit Halloween coupon to save 20%.


32. Avocado and toast couples Halloween costumes

avocado and toast couples halloween costumes

Cheers to the healthy duo that’s on everyone’s breakfast plates. The pullover avocado and toast costumes ($49.99) are eerily reminiscent of the real things – down to the uneven brown hues on the toast. If paying $50 for two avocado and toast costumes is unfathomable, it’s cheaper and individual avocado onesies start at $27 each.


33. Loofah and soap costumes

soap and loofah couples halloween costumes

This two-piece loofah and soap costume ($52.99) is a unique and creative option for a couples Halloween costume. You’ll get a pink loofah jumpsuit with a shower cap along with a white soap bar jumpsuit. Use the velcroed bubble balloons and stickers to create a one-of-a-kind bath duo.



34. Mustard and ketchup costumes

ketchup and mustard couples halloween costumes

Every good Halloween party has to have food, so why not be the best dressed condiments? This clever option will bring some laughs as you and your partner “mustard” up the courage to pull off this classic duo. The $54 pullover mustard and ketchup couples Halloween costumes have sleeveless outlines making it easy for you to indulge in real food.


35. Milk and cookies costumes

milk and cookies couples halloween costumes

Who doesn’t love milk and cookies — in real life and as a cute couples costume? The $50 milk and cookies Halloween costume includes two sleeveless pullover tunics, so you can be super creative with your pants and shirts. Now you’ll be two sweet treats taking over the dance floor.


36. Bacon and egg costumes

bacon and eggs couples halloween costumes

I don’t know about you, but these couples Halloween costumes are making me hungry. These realistic, unisex bacon and egg costumes ($62) make the cutest breakfast of champions. Head to the Halloween party with friends wearing a donut and coffee costume and you’re ready to take on the day.


37. Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Cat in the Hat costumes

cat in the hat thing 1 and 2 couples halloween costumes

There’s no “thing” to stand in your way with these classic, easily-recognizable Thing 1 and Thing 2 costumes. For about $50 each, you’ll get the red jumpsuit, blue wig, and the number patch. All you have to decide is whether you want to be one or two. Or, you could just opt for the Thing 1 T-shirts for about $20 each on Amazon.


38. Mr. and Mrs. Incredible Halloween costumes for adults

mr and mrs incredibles couples halloween costumes

Once your friends see the red jumpsuit, gloves, and eye mask, there’s no denying that you’re wearing Mr. Incredible ($44.99) and Mrs. Incredible costumes ($25+). Carry on and save the world for under $50.



39. Vintage sneakers costumes

red vintage converse sneakers couples halloween costumes

You and your “solemate” will definitely turn heads in these $47.99 novelty sneaker costumes. The 1-piece pullovers are double-printed with realistic looking scuff marks and bright white laces.


40. Lock and key couples Halloween costumes

lock and key couples halloween costumes

There’s nothing like a Halloween party to let the world know that you’re in love. The key to my heart costume includes a large gold key along with an LBD with a gold, heart-shaped lock — it’s a great deal for $30.


41. Wine and cheese costumes

Cheers to a perfectly paired duo! The $36 wine and cheese couples costume is whimsical and fun with the bottle tunic and downright cheesy wedge-shaped foam tunic with suspenders. It may not be the easiest to walk around in, but they sure do stand out. And you can’t beat the price for two costumes!


42. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head costumes

mr and mrs potato head couples halloween costumes

There’s no spuds about it when I tell you that this classic duo is easy to assemble, and it’s cheap (only $21 for the entire costume kit). The Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head costumes come with decals and hats so you can stick them on your own shirts.


43. Tequila and lime costumes for adults

tequila and lime couples halloween costumes

Remember to drink and dress responsibly. Tequila and lime are a dynamic duo in real life, so why not give it a shot as a couples costume? The tequila bottle and lime slice costumes ($64 for two) are comfortable tunics that you can layer over your own clothes.

While the tequila and lime option is on the higher end, another alternative is the tequila sunrise couples costume for only $45.


44. Chips and salsa costumes

man and woman dressed in chips and salsa Halloween costumes

Salty duos like chips and salsa costumes ($49) make for perfect party guests. Let your fur baby in on the fun with a pet avocado costume ($18). There are even avocado costume ($47) cut outs for moms-to-be who still want to enjoy the Halloween festivities. For the latter idea, you could easily make your own with black pants and a green poster board (less than $1) with the middle cut out.



45. Donut and coffee costumes.

For just $30 for this unisex donut and coffee costume, you can espresso yourself for Halloween. This sweet duo is a great idea for couples, best friends, or co-workers. The set includes the two hats.


46. Emoji couples costumes

Two people dressed as emojis for Halloween on a white background.

Expressing yourself with emojis is standard in text messages, so why not consider it for your couples Halloween costumes? Emoji costumes start at $30 each and are great for couples and groups. Pick an expression to win the funniest couples Halloween costume contest. A cheaper idea is to wear an emoji mask for about $12.


47. Peanut butter and jelly costumes

A couple dressed as slices of bread with peanut butter and jelly spread.

You’re already stuck with your partner, so make it a clever and fun costume idea. The 2-piece peanut butter and jelly costume has sandwich bread on the back and the fillings on the front. Definitely not a bad idea for under $35.


48. Beetlejuice couples costumes

Two people dressed as Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz on a white background.

There are plenty of Beetlejuice costumes online ranging from $30 – $50. Probably the most recognizable is the vertically-striped men’s suit ($39) and the red gothic wedding dress costume ($59+). However, more affordable options are the beetle girl wig (less than $25) or the Adam and Barbara headgear masks ($48 ($24 each)).


49. The Smurfs costumes

man and woman dressed in Smurfs Halloween costumes

Are you grumpy or sleepy? By choosing a Smurfs costume, you’re really choosing a personality. Ladies’ Smurfs costumes ($44+) come equipped with the iconic white dress, long blue sleeves, hat, and matching tights. For the male Smurf costume ($54), the outfit includes a blue shirt, red pants, beard, and hat.


50. Tacky tourist costumes

woman and man dressed in tacky tourist Halloween costumes

Here’s a funny and uncommon couples Halloween costume. It’s funny to make fun of yourself too. You won’t have to worry about the tacky Hawaiian shirt for this costume look — it’s included. You and your partner can grab tacky tourist costumes for Halloween ($33 each). Just add your favorite tube socks and sandals or sneakers to customize it — just have fun.

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