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Whether you’re into scary, silly or downright hilarious family Halloween costumes, we’ve got the best Pinterest-worthy ideas out there.

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1. S’mores family Halloween costumes

Via Mom.me

Use cardboard to DIY some graham crackers, some cotton batting and a white shirt for the marshmallow, and pick up a Hershey’s Bar costume on Amazon. Decorate a wagon to look like the campfire and you’ll have one of the best family Halloween costumes on the block!


2. Donuts and bakers family Halloween costumes

A few donut pool floats and aprons are all you need to become the donuts and the bakers. We think these donuts are some pretty great Halloween costumes for kids, too, if you don’t feel like dressing up!


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3. Trophy shelf family Halloween costumes

Just make sure you get a deal on the gold body and clothes paint by using coupons.


4. Minivan stick figure family Halloween costumes

Stick reflective tape to black outfits for DIY minivan stick figure family Halloween costumes.



5. Taco night family Halloween costumes

Who doesn’t love taco night?


6. Willy Wonka family Halloween costumes

A green wig and some orange face paint make an Oompa Loompa one of the best Halloween costumes for kids, and a pretty fun family Halloween costume, too!


7. Superhero family Halloween costumes

Choose your favorite superhero, or make up your own!

TIP: Superhero costumes never go out of style, so consider buying end-of-season clearance at a place like Spirit Halloween. In fact, we have a bunch of tips on how to save cash at Spirit Halloween stores!


8. Ninja Turtle family Halloween costumes

Spray paint four aluminum baking pans green, get everyone a green T-shirt and black pants, then purchase stretchy fabric remnants in red, orange, purple and blue for knees, arms and headbands. You won’t spend much time or cash, but you’ll have one of the best family Halloween costumes!


9. Beetlejuice family Halloween costumes

You can never go wrong dressing as a classic. Think of all the candy your kids will score — that you can help them eat!

And if you get too much candy, then we have frightfully fun ways that you can use the leftovers!



10. Star Wars family costume

Hearing your husband say, “Luke. . . I am your father,” will never get old, making these super fun family Halloween costumes.


11. Ghostbusters family Halloween costumes

Is there anything cuter than a baby Slimer?


12. LEGO family Halloween costumes

You could buy some LEGO movie costumes, or you could easily DIY with some cardboard boxes, spray paint and plastic cups.

We have some epic DIY Halloween costume ideas if you like to get crafty!


13. Toy soldier family Halloween costumes



You’ll need all the green spray paint you can get your hands on, as well as some skin lycra suits.


14. Smurf family Halloween costumes

You’ll just need white pants, blue shirts, white hats and blue face paint! Face paint means some of the best Halloween costumes for kids and adults!



15. Circus family costume

Greatest Showman vibe, anyone? These would win my vote for best family Halloween costume!


16. Family of Disney tourists

Get more mileage out of those Disney hats and T-shirts!

And if Disney is your thing, then check out these budget Disney hacks before you go on your next vacay!


17. Where the Wild Things Are family Halloween costumes

The only question is, who gets to be Max?


18. Shark attack family Halloween costumes

This is one of the best family Halloween costumes if you can’t seem to get “Baby Shark” out of your head.


19. Care Bears family Halloween costumes

Get a few different sweatsuits, then add ears and belly art.


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The Best Family Halloween Costumes on the Internet