I’m a big fan of KCL and all of the wonderful deals I can find here every day. Hair care products are among some of the most popular deal items, and my family has certainly cashed in on our share of fabulous deals on shampoos and hair conditioners. I began to wonder: if conditioner can make my hair smell great, how about other things, like my stinky old walking shoes?

One day, as I was stocking up my bathroom shelves with some new bottles of hair conditioner, the wonderful fragrances inspired me to try a little experiment. I decided to take a couple of washcloths and put a blob of hair conditioner on each. Then I rubbed the conditioner thoroughly into the cloths, and stuffed one cloth into each of my smelly old shoes just before I went to bed. When I got up in the morning, I pulled the washcloths out of my shoes and found that the conditioner had left my shoes smelling clean and fresh again.

This is a guest post by Steve from Riverview, FL.

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