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Hey married couples: With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, it’s a great time to remind your partner that the couple that laughs together, stays together.

The best part? Most of these funny Valentine pranks are totally free.


1. Make him a Valentine cake that says how you really feel.

Via Reddit

I mean, it’s so much more personal than store-bought.


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2. Communicate — in no uncertain terms — that the leftovers are yours.

Via Imgur

This works best with desserts, but really anything that he might snap up before you get your fair share.


3. Make an art piece out of all of the junk mail he won’t go through.

Via Imgur

If he lets the papers pile up, get (slightly) passive aggressive and make a nice wreath to hang somewhere he can’t miss.


4. Create a DIY Valentine’s Day card that reminds him that he’s yours — FOREVER.

Via Twitter

It’s fine. He knows he made the best choice when he married you in the first place.



5. Give him a makeover while he sleeps.

Via Flickr

If your guy is a heavy sleeper, give him a nice pedicure or manicure with the brightest nail polish ever. See how long it takes him to notice.


6. Make sure he knows the best temp to set the thermostat.

Via Instagram

Because he likes to keep you happy.


7. Give him a nice little scare.

Via Imgur

Wait until he goes to sleep, then hang a scary little friend for him to find in the morning. We think the bathroom is the best spot, but this could also work well in a closet.


8. Make a homemade bumper sticker that he knows nothing about.

Via Reddit

Make sure to include his actual name on the bumper sticker to keep him wondering how he has so many new friends.


9. Put your labelmaker to work.

Via Meowingtons

It might not help him stay organized, but it will make him laugh.


10. Make him a bouquet of his favorite food instead of flowers.

Via Imgur

He probably doesn’t care about flowers, but he’s more likely to care about wings. He’ll get a nice laugh and know you really care.



11. Make him a flow chart for routine decision-making.

Via Reddit

Because sometimes common sense just needs to be diagrammed.


12. Help him with his fashion choices.

Via Reddit

This will really help him out if he struggles with what to wear. How he looks in public is a reflection of you, after all.


13. Surprise him with a game he doesn’t even know he’s playing.

Via Buzzfeed

Hide n’ Seek when he needs your help with a chore? How about a Nerf war the second he comes in the door? Just make sure to always keep him on his toes.


14. Put googly eyes on literally anything to give him an unexpected laugh.

Via Reddit

At home with the kids or pets? Stick some googly eyes on them (please don’t use glue) and send him a nice pic. It will comfort him to know you’re doing productive things with your time.


15. Make him a personalized calendar with his favorite pet as the star.

Via Reddit

This actually works even better if he doesn’t love your precious kitty, because then he’ll be forced to gaze at it all year long. Either way, it shows you’re thinking of him.


16. Make him a sandwich that reminds him of your grievances.

Via Imgur

He probably won’t forget next time! And hey, he still gets lunch.


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17. Make a bet you know you can win.

Via Imgur

Make a bet that you can’t fit into something silly, then do it. And win.


18. Create a message center with a new message just for him.

Via Letterfolk

Remind him just how much you love him with a new message every. single. day.


19. Ask him to fix a “leek” in the bathtub.

Via Hilarious Wives

He’ll be happy because he doesn’t have to do any actual labor, and because he has the funniest wife ever.


20. Make sure he knows your love is the die-hard kind.

Via Diply

It will make changing the HVAC filter so much more fun.


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