They say it is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.

But did that person have a toddler and a tight budget?

My mission this Halloween season: To find kid-friendly decorations that won’t destroy my budget.

I’ve discovered there IS light, and I can even make it myself by using a few household items and making a few purchases, and the result? Fantastic Halloween lighting for under $10.

Make Your Own Halloween Lighting

Gather these items:

  • Clear vase/jar ($1.00 at the dollar store)
  • Tealight candle ($2.50 for a 50 pack at Walmart)
  • Tissue paper ($1.47 for a Halloween set at Walmart)
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Lighter


  1. Measure out the height and width of your container.
  2. Cut the tissue paper into a section large enough to wrap around the container.
  3. Place the tape where you want your design to be seen.
  4. Attach the tissue paper.
  5. Carefully light the candle and place it into the jar.

This budget-friendly project was fun to do with my toddler, plus we can reuse it next year! The materials are a small investment for tons of decorations around the home, and they're also great to have on hand for future crafts for the other holidays that are coming up, as well.

Get your to-do list ready, because those trick-or-treaters are going to be knocking any day now!

Halloween Decorating Tip: Family-Friendly DIY Decor