Remember the good old days when you had to sort through piles of mail every day and email was still a novelty?

Back then, I was thrilled to get e-cards and see new items in my inbox. Fast forward a decade, and I’m struggling to keep from drowning in a sea of digital mail, and I relish when my physical mailbox gets any attention aside from advertisements and bills. So what better way to brighten a loved one’s day than with a personalized greeting card?

Cardstore is offering customers a free personalized greeting card and free shipping/delivery with coupon code CCM2336 at checkout. This offer is limited to one per account. You can choose to ship the card directly to your recipient, or you can ship it to yourself for later use — a good way to start stockpiling some Christmas cards! The selection is vast, and all cards are customizable: you choose the text, font, photos, and more! Grab this offer now before it’s gone!

You've Got Mail: Free Personalized Greeting Card at