Here’s the buzz on getting buzzed.


1. Steem Caffeinated Peanut Butter turns peanuts into wheeeeenuts.

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You jelly? No need to be. There’s enough zippy peanut butter—with legumes chock-full of caffeinated goodness—in this jar to charge a room of kindergarteners.

Price: $11.99 for 8 ounces


2. Military Energy Caffeinated Gum puts more woo in your chew.

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This Military Energy Gum will give the sleepies their marching orders in no time.

Price: $28 for 24 packs

3. Aquavita Enhanced Caffeinated Water is H2Whoa.

With 90 mg of caffeine, this zippy sipper quenches thirst along with your need for speed.

Price: $19.08 per 12-pack

4. Shave Smart Caffeinated Shaving Cream & Aftershave helps you feel your face.

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Put caffeine on your mug, not in it. This stuff is fortified with: antioxidant-rich, naturally-derived caffeine and natural ingredients like aloe and spearmint

Price: $15.99 for the 3 ounce set



5. Viter Energy Caffeinated Mints freshen every breath you take (while keeping you awake).

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At 40 mg of caffeinated love per minty, sugar-free morsel, there’s nothing like keeping your breath (and brain) fresh.

Price: $19.99 for six, 20-piece tins


6. Mushroom Coffee is the shitake.

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Want to be more of a fungi? So does this coffee. And with 40mg caffeine per serving, there’s morel to love.

Price: $12.28 for 10 individual packets


7. Perky Jerky delivers the chew along with the caffeine.

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It’s beef. It’s caffeinated beef. It’s Original Perky Jerky. Carnivore, meet caffeine, winning party for two.

Price: $35.14 for twelve 1-ounce packages with Subscribe & Save 


8. Smart Energy Caffeinated Cookies are just like Mom used to make, only better.

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Counteract carb crashes with this fan favorite, chock-full of caffeine. You could dip these in milk, but coffee works, too…if you’re a beast.

Price: $6.99 for 3 cookies


9. Bath Buzz Caffeinated Soap turns shower time into power time.

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This peppermint-scented shower bar delivers the ultimate, clean buzz, at 200 mg of caffeine of pep per shower.

Price: $11.35 for a 4.5 ounce bar


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10. Charged Chocolate Bars are an epic face adventure.

Yes chew can feel the buzz! At only 150 calories (and 150 mg of caffeine) per serving…we like this…we like this a choco-lot.

Price: $24.95 for a 12-pack of 1 ounce bars.



11. Coffee Bean Caffeine Cream is like a slap to the face without the HR backlash.

Pop some of this on your skin and you’re in for a treat (without the awkward workplace ramifications).

Price: $13 for a 3-ounce tube


12. Crystal Light On The Go with caffeine puts the pow in your powder.

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Honest, officer; it’s just my diet drink mix. At 30 mg of caffeine per serving, you win wide-eyed happiness from Wild Strawberry, Grape, Peach Mango, and Citrus (and with only 10% of the calories—or carbs).

Price: $14.88 for 4-10 tube packs


13. Drive Hard Caffeinated Sugar-Free Candy delivers 600 mg of caffeine per box. Sweet.

Tiredness sucks; now you can suck on this instead.

Price: $11.99 for a 6-pack


14. Zombie Rotten Caffeinated Lip Balm is a kick to your kisser.

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The name’s a little weird, but caffeinated lip balm with a green tea flavor? Brilliant. In fact, it’s sorta the balm-dot-com.

Price: $3.95


15. Amazing Grass Watermelon Protein Powder gives tiredness the boot…with fruit.

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Get your smoothie on and level up with about 85 mg of pure, plant-based caffeine per serving in a cool, crisp watermelon flavor.

Price: $15.19 for 15 individual packets with an Amazon Subscribe & Save Coupon


16. Tea42 Caffeinated Shampoo wakes up your coif.

Grab, lather up, and treat your entire head to that fresh, Friday, 5 o’clock feeling.

Price: $28



17. You Rockit Caffeinated Lollipops help you lick your case of the tireds.

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With as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, your blue, flavor-filled eyes-wide-open raspberry dreams have been answered.

Price: $12.95 per 20-pop bag


18. This Caffeine Molecule Mug reminds you the universe is good.

It might not be microwave-safe, but it’s on sale (the mug, not the universe).

Price: $4.99 for each 8-ounce glass mug


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