Who doesn’t want an income stream that makes money in a set-it-and-forget-it way?

Here are some of my favorite ways to earn passive income. You’ll get the most cash when you sign up for as many of these as you can. They’re all free to use!


1. Shop with Paribus to help you get price adjustments.

Get money back with little effort. Just let Paribus access your email account so they can track your online receipts and alert you when you’re eligible for an online price adjustment. Paribus sends an email to retailers to help you get some money back.

I tried Paribus and loved it. You can see how much I saved, or you can download Paribus and start watching for price adjustments.

Paribus compensates us when you sign up for Paribus using the links we provided.


2. Install Slidejoy on your phone and earn $6-10 per month.

Slidejoy lets you use your phone and make money at the same time.

You just install the app on your Android phone, and they pay you to use your phone’s lock screen as ad space. You can make between $6-10 a month, and you don’t even have to look at your phone!

If you’re an Android user, download Slidejoy now and let your phone put money back in your pocket.


3. Use Ibotta to get cash back on items you’re already buying.

Ibotta gives you money back for a chore we all have to do anyway — go grocery shopping.

Ibotta lets you scan your receipt to earn rebates you can cash out into PayPal.

You were going to buy that box of mac ‘n’ cheese already. Might as well make an extra $0.75 back on the purchase!

Make money back on your groceries next time you shop: Download Ibotta today.



4. Put money back into your pocket with Checkout 51.

Checkout51 lets you earn money back on your grocery purchases.

Like Ibotta, Checkout51 gives you money back on your grocery purchases, just for scanning your receipt and choosing brands with rebates.

Try Checkout51 now and start making money when you grocery shop.


5. Seashells lets you sneak in saving without noticing.

Seashells saves you money by rounding up purchases you’re already making to the next dollar, and then giving you the difference in rewards.

You can cash in rewards once you reach $5 in round-up change and trade them in for gift cards.

Download Seashells today and start turning that extra change into gift cards!

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6. Microsoft Rewards lets you turn web browsing into money.

Earn money with Microsoft Rewards just by signing up and using Bing as your search engine. Each time you search through Bing, you’re earning points towards gift cards, just for web surfing you’re already doing!

Sign up with Microsoft Rewards and let your web browsing earn you some gift cards.


7. Use SavingStar to get money back on your groceries.

With SavingsStar, you get rebates on the purchases you make at the grocery store to cash out of your SavingStar Rewards account.

They have healthy item options for rebates every week such as bananas, tomatoes and apples.

Download SavingStar and save money on your next grocery trip.



8. Sign up for a credit card with a rewards program.

Just spend as you usually would, and points accrue through your bank that can be cashed in for gift cards or travel rewards.

You can even fly your family to Disneyland for free using credit card rewards.

Find out which credit cards have the best rewards, and then make money when you spend money.


9. Shop through Swagbucks to get money back in your pocket.

Do your web surfing through Swagbucks, and you could earn money back on your online purchases. You earn “Swagbucks” that you can cash out through PayPal or get gift cards.

If you want to be slightly less passive, you can also do a few quick surveys on Swagbucks’ site to earn points faster.

Create your own Swagbucks account and start earning money towards gift cards while you shop online!


10. Shop online and earn money back with TopCashback.


Turn your web surfing into dollars with TopCashback.

TopCashback pays you to shop through their sites. For real. All you have to do is shop through them next time you’re shopping online, and they give you a percentage kickback.

Sign up with TopCashback and start earning money with your online shopping today.


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11. Upload your pictures to Foap and earn $5 when someone downloads one.

Take a lot of cell phone pictures? Foap lets you upload your cell phone pictures to their marketplace to sell as stock photos.

You make $5 every time someone buys your pictures, plus, pictures can be sold unlimited numbers of times.

If you’re a picture taker like me, download Foap and start making money on all those photos on your phone!


12. Let ShopTracker see your Amazon purchases and get $36 per year.

ShopTracker is the brainchild of The Harris Poll, a company that measures US opinion statistics.

They will pay you $36 a year to let them see your Amazon purchase history. You literally don’t have to do any more than that.

Sign up with ShopTracker and make money shopping on Amazon.


13. Get cash back on your purchases with Ebates.

Earn money for making online purchases through Ebates.

Ebates gives you a percentage of your purchase cash back if you shop through their site, usually between 4-10%. Just shop like you normally would, and see money come back to you! Plus, they offer a $10 sign-on bonus gift card when you create a new account and start shopping.

Create your own Ebates account today and start getting cash back on your online purchases.



14. Let Digital Reflection Panel watch your shopping habits and earn $200 per year.

Install Digital Reflection Panel and let them watch your online shopping habits for around $200 a year.

They use the data they collect to improve shopping experiences for retailers across the country.

Sign up for Digital Reflection Panel to check and see if you qualify!


15. Set up Clink and trick yourself into saving money.

Lets you save in small amounts (like $1 a day) that you don’t notice, and comes with a sweet $5 sign-on bonus.

So you make $5 just for signing up, and you get to save the lazy (and sneaky!) way.

Sign up for Clink and start tricking yourself into saving!


16. Refer your friends to Walmart Grocery Pickup and get $10.

Walmart Grocery Pickup is so great. You get to order your groceries and have them literally brought out to your car!

Never drag your screaming kid through the store again.

Even better, you get $10 off your order for each friend who uses your referral code. It’s like earning free groceries just for telling people how awesome it is!

Create a Grocery Pickup account and start referring friends to earn free groceries.

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17. Refer your friends to the apps you love and earn money.

Did you know a lot of apps will pay you just to refer your friends?

Usually they offer an incentive for your friend too, so hey, free money for both of you!

Check out our list of apps that pay you to refer your friends, and start bringing in the dollars now.


18. Install Media Insiders on your Android phone and earn $5 per month.

Media Insiders is literally an app that turns your phone into a source of money (or you know, to help with your phone bill) just by running the app in the background.

No sensitive information is processed. Media Insiders just wants to know about your smartphone use and habits. You can earn up to $5 or more a month just by having the app running in the background of your phone.

Check out Media Insiders and let your phone get you money, for a change.


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18 Ways to Earn Effortless Passive Income