I really do like wine. In fact, the weekly wine tastings we did when I was waitressing was one of the only reasons I showed up to work (the other was to get paid, of course). And gone are the days when what you pay equals the quality of what you get—new concept wine clubs and big box retailers are changing all that—thank goodness!

Read on to find out about five ways you can score cheap (or even really cheap) wine that tastes great.

1. Club W

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  • Cancellation policy: Cancel anytime with no penalty, or skip a month if you need to.
  • Price: Save $26 on your order now when you use promo code “KRAZY26”. Regular pricing starts at $39/month for 3 bottles + $6 shipping. Shipping is free for 6+ bottles.
  • What if you don’t like the wine? You won’t have to pay!

Club W is taking a new approach to wine clubs, with personalized selections based on what is called your “Palate Profile.” You create your palate profile when you join (it’s free) by answering six easy questions (ranging from how you like to drink your coffee to whether you like berries).

The free iOS app helps you manage your subscription on the go and also gives you the option to scan wine barcodes to learn more about what you like.

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2. Trader Joe’s

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  • Varietals: Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, and White Zinfandel

Trader Joe’s wine is so cheap it has earned the nickname “Two Buck Chuck.” This is because it sells for less than $3 a bottle in most states, and because Charles Shaw is the chain’s most popular brand. Trader Joe’s offers multiple varietals, including reds and whites.

Since Charles Shaw was first introduced, more than 800 million bottles have been sold.

3. Costco

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Costco has continued to make a name for itself in the bargain wine arena by partnering with fine wineries around the world to produce varietals under its in-house Kirkland Signature (KS) label.

Example: Châteauneuf-du-Pape wine typically sells for $80-$90 a bottle. At Costco, you can get it for around $20 a bottle because KS has a partnership with the high-end Domaine de Nalys winery.

As well, each Costco store has their own in-house sommelier to help you find the right wine for your budget and menu. Many wines start around $7-$9 a bottle.

4. Seek out BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) eateries

Not only is this a great budget-friendly way to accommodate diners with diverse beverage preferences, but by dining at BYOB eateries, you avoid the highway robbery of the restaurant wine markup racket!

Example: Let’s say you want to order a $30 bottle of wine off the wine menu. If you went to a wine retailer (Spec’s, etc.), you could likely find that bottle for around $15. If you were ordering the wine wholesale (like the restaurant does before it marks it up!) you could get it for around $10. As well, the lower the price of the bottle, the higher the markup is likely to be [for more see Wine Mag].

Note: You will still have to pay what’s called a “corkage fee,”—which is typically 2-$5 per bottle—at a BYOB restaurant, but this should still work out to less than what you’d pay for ordering wine out.

5. Tasting Room by LOT18

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  • Get a $33 wine tasting kit for $6.95
  • Cancellation policy: Cancel anytime with no penalty, or skip a month if you need to.
  • Price: For $149, you get 12 bottles ($12/bottle + $19.99 shipping). Shipments come quarterly unless you modify or cancel your subscription.
  • What if you don’t like the wine? Get a credit on your account or a free replacement bottle.

The Tasting Room by LOT18 has a different concept for its wine club. To help you develop your flavor profile, they send you a case of six mini-bottles of wine.

When you get your kit, you then return to the website and follow the online instructions to taste the wines in pairs and discover what you like best. It takes about 15 minutes to complete the tasting and then within a day or so your first case of wine will be assembled and sent.


5 Ways to Save on Wine