I just set a record for price matching at Target. Yesterday I went shopping for my daughter’s sixth birthday and price matched 13 items at guest services, saving over $25! Most of the items purchased were books–it was seriously so easy! The secret to price matching is using the free Amazon application.

The app is designed to be an easy way to make purchases on Amazon. I use it to quickly compare in-store prices with those found online at Amazon. The Target Price Match Policy price matches online retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Babies R Us, Toys R Us and Walmart. I simply open the app, scan a product’s barcode, and compare the Amazon price to the Target price. If the Amazon price is lower, I take the item to customer service where they’ll sell the item to me at the price found on Amazon.

On this latest trip, I scanned a cartload of merchandise (about 16 items) in about two or three minutes. Seriously, if you’re going to try price matching at Target, there’s no easier way.


The Amazon App Is the Secret to Price Matching at Target