If you have zero time and you like to save coin, I’ve got your solution.

Automate your grocery shopping, and you could quite literally never set foot in a grocery store again.

Try using these tips together, or just pick and choose a few — depending on how badly you want to avoid pushing a grocery cart around a store.


1. Save up to 15% when you automate non-perishables through Amazon or Target.

Anything you use on a regular basis that isn’t perishable can go into this category.

Both Amazon and Target offer a subscription service. You’ll save 15% through Amazon’s Subscribe & Save and 5% through Target Subscriptions (REDcard holders save an additional 5%).

Here’s a quick and dirty list of things you could potentially automate:

  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Feminine supplies
  • Pet food
  • Laundry detergent
  • Toothpaste
  • Hair care products
  • Cereal
  • Canned goods


2. Fill a Prime Pantry box with non-perishables and ship it free.

First, when you’re doing any regular shopping on Amazon, opt to delay shipping a few days so you can earn a Prime Pantry credit.

Prime Pantry orders cost $7.99 to ship (once you reach the $35 minimum spend). So these credits are pure gold in order to avoid paying to ship.

Use this option for any non-perishables you’ll need that week that you don’t already have on a subscription.



3. Ask Alexa to buy items as you get rid of the empty containers.

As you’re tossing something into the recycling bin or trash can, ask Alexa to re-order it for you. This works especially well if you don’t have a lot of room to keep a stockpile in your home.

You’ll get a $5 Amazon credit when you place your first order through Alexa, and during the holidays, you can ask Alexa what her deals are to save up to 40%.

Learn some simple Amazon Alexa Hacks.


4. Use free Walmart or Kroger Grocery Pickup for perishables.

Walmart’s Grocery Pickup is totally free to use, and Walmart’s prices tend to be lower than Kroger’s prices.

However, you can use coupons with Kroger Grocery Pickup service and you can’t with Walmart’s. So it might be a toss-up if you’ve got some hot coupons.

Plan to buy all your perishables online and then pick them up in the parking lot of either of these stores. You won’t have to leave your car!

Quick-and-dirty list of perishables you can get delivered to your car:

  • Dairy products (milk, butter, creamer, yogurt, etc.)
  • Produce
  • Frozen foods


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5. Use Instacart to get Costco groceries delivered to your door.

You’ll pay a fee to use Instacart, but the convenience may be worth it, especially if you’re obsessed with Kirkland brand items.

You can shop Kroger, Whole Foods, Costco and other local grocery stores (like Albertsons where I live).



6. Get same day Instacart delivery without paying the full delivery fee

There are a few ways to cut out and sometimes avoid the Instacart delivery fee. (Make sure you’re still tipping, though!)

  • Your first order is free.
  • Refer up to five friends and get a $10 credit when they place an order.
  • Put all your items in the cart and wait for the delivery fee to drop to between $4-$8 (instead of up to $12 for busy times).
  • Use coupons you find in the Instacart app under “Coupons.”


7. Get coupon codes for Instacart, TaskRabbit and Shipt at RetailMeNot.

Instacart, TaskRabbit and Shipt are the three big third-party companies that offer grocery delivery.

Typically you’d pay a fee, but when you can get a hold of a coupon code from RetailMeNot like “$10 off your next purchase” (Shipt) or “$10 off any task” (TaskRabbit), you should definitely splurge on a two-hour grocery delivery.


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