I wouldn't say it's an addiction. That sounds so negative. It's more like an appreciation. A severe one. Maybe TLC needs a show called Extreme Coffee Appreciation. I’d star in the first episode because, oh how I appreciate fancy coffee. Does my bank account adore a perfectly-steamed cappuccino? Not so much. Coughing up $4 every morning for a cuppa makes me cringe with guilt even as I indulge.

Starbucks, apparently aware of the ‘Expensive Latte Shame Spiral,’ has created a rewards program for loyal customers.

My Starbucks Rewards program is easy to use and offers great benefits!

  • Purchase a Starbucks gift card and register it online.
  • Use the card at Starbucks and earn a star with each purchase. The more stars earned, the more benefits.

After an initial purchase, cardholders earn a free birthday drink. Use it five times for promotion to the “Green” level which entitles holders to free syrups, free coffee and tea refills, and free drinks with bean purchases.

Earn 30 stars in a year for the “Gold” level: an all-out coffee bonanza that comes with a personalized Gold Card, a free drink with every 15 card uses, and coupons and offers sent to your email account.

My Starbucks Rewards members can log into the Starbucks website for account information, balances, and to reload the cards.

This has been a guest post by Kristen from Arlington, VA
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