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21 Best Designer Lookalikes of 2023: Beauty, Clothing, and Furniture

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Whether it’s the ultra-popular Anthro mirror or a MAC lipstick, there are almost always ways to save on designer looks without sacrificing quality. And we know a thing or two about designer lookalikes. That’s why we turned to our Krazy Coupon Lady readers, editors, and writers for alternatives on popular beauty, clothing, and home items. And the suggestions did not disappoint.

From the best drugstore makeup alternatives (find Clinique Black Honey alternatives here) to designer legging lookalikes (check out our favorite Vuori alternatives), there are so many ways to save. We’ve rounded up the best suggestions and compared prices to the original products so you’ll know what’s worth the splurge and what you should save on.

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Home Designer Lookalikes

1. Target “Island Moonlight” Candle ($10) vs. Capri Blue “Volcano” Candle ($36)

The Capri Blue “Volcano” candle from Anthropologie ($36, Anthropologie.com) smells absolutely heavenly, but now you don’t have to justify spending $36 on a small candle. Target recently released an Opalhouse candle in the scent “Island Moonlight,” ($10, Target) and TikTok users are saying it smells exactly like the famous Anthro candle. Target’s version is four ounces smaller (and admittedly the container is not quite as fancy), but it comes out to just $0.66 per ounce, compared to the $1.89 per ounce you’ll pay for the real deal. Plus, you can save an additional 5% with your Target RedCard.


2. Maars 40-Ounce Charger ($24.99) vs. Stanley Quencher 40-Ounce Tumbler ($40)

Finding a good lookalike isn’t always about saving money (although that’s a great perk too). They can also be a good alternative to products that are perpetually out of stock — like the insanely popular Stanley Quencher tumbler ($40, Stanley1913.com). If you haven’t been able to get your hands on the ultra-trendy handled mug, add the Maars 40-ounce charger ($24.99, Amazon) to your cart instead. The cups are the same size and shape, and choosing one of their six colors will save you $15. And if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you won’t have to pay for shipping, which saves you the additional $5 shipping price that comes with the Stanley cup.


3. Threshold Throw Blanket ($30) vs. Barefoot Dreams In the Wild Throw ($180)

As the owner of a Barefoot Dreams blanket, I can confirm they are as soft and cozy as everyone says. But are they worth the $180 price tag? After feeling the Threshold Feathery Knit Cheetah Throw ($30, Target), I would say no. Target’s version feels almost identical to the Barefoot Dreams In the Wild throw ($180, BarefootDreams.com), and they both have the blush and gray signature animal print pattern. Target’s is a tiny bit smaller at 50″ x 60″ (compared to Barefoot Dreams’ 54″ x 72″), but for $150 less, it’s totally worth losing a few inches. And you can save an additional 5% on the blanket by using your Target RedCard.

Find more of our favorite Barefoot Dreams Alternatives here.


4. Lodge 4.5-Quart Dutch Oven ($69.90) vs. Le Creuset Round Dutch Oven ($390)

There’s nothing like serving a home-cooked meal in a high-quality Dutch oven — but the price tag of your pan shouldn’t leave a bitter taste in your mouth. If the ultra-popular Le Creuset round Dutch oven ($390, LeCreuset.com) is out of your price range, there’s a less expensive version on Amazon that’s practically identical. The Lodge 4.5-quart Dutch oven ($69.90, Amazon) is the same size as the Le Creuset version, down to the color and the signature ombre look of the pot. And you’d save more than $320! Plus, Amazon Prime members get free 2-day shipping. The price of the Amazon Dutch oven has risen to as much as $86 over the past few years, so now is a good time to buy if you’re planning to do so.

As low as $69.90

5. World Market Wall Mirror ($149.99) vs. Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror ($548)

It seems like every home decor influencer has the same oversized gold mirror from Anthropologie. The cult-favorite Gleaming Primrose Mirror ($548, Anthropologie.com) is Anthro’s bestselling product of all time, and the largest version has a price tag of more than $1,500. And while the mirror is stunning, you can get the same look for much cheaper with Anthro mirror lookalikes under $200. World Market’s Metal Vintage Style Wall Mirror ($149.99, WorldMarket.com) is only two inches shorter than the Anthro version, but it’s $398 cheaper. And the frame is just as heavy and high quality. The World Market mirror is available in two colors (bronze or brass) as opposed to Anthro’s five colors, but gold is the most popular color anyway.

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Clothing and Accessory Designer Lookalikes

6. EVA Double Buckle Sandals ($5) vs. Birkenstock Arizona Essentials Slide Sandals ($49.99)

Birkenstock lookalikes are one of the most-searched saves vs. splurge items, especially in the warmer months. And while the Birkenstock Arizona Essentials slide sandals ($49.99, DSW) are some of the cheapest shoes the brand offers, $50 is still a lot of money for a pair of slide-on sandals. Luckily, we found a similar option for a tenth of the price. The EVA slide-on sandals ($5, FiveBelow.com) are practically identical to the original and come in many of the same colors for just $5. For that price, you could buy every color they have for the price of one pair of Birkenstocks.

ONLINE or In-Store Deal

7. Miracle Collection Necklace ($12.98) vs. Kendra Scott Necklace ($70)

If you love the look of the Elisa pendant necklace from Kendra Scott ($70, KendraScott.com) but won’t wear it enough to justify the price tag, add the Miracle Collection necklace ($12.98, Amazon) to your cart instead. These necklaces are almost identical to the iconic Kendra Scott style, but you’ll save more than $57. The price of the Amazon lookalike has been as high as $16 in the last few months but dropped back down to around $13 after the holiday season.


8. Lanul Belt Bag ($14.99) vs. Lululemon Belt Bag ($38)

The Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag ($38, Lululemon.com) has become so popular over the last few years that it’s always out of stock. And while it’s one of the less expensive things you can buy from the brand, you’re still paying almost $40 for a basic fanny pack. Luckily, there are plenty of belt bag lookalikes (check them out here) available in the same styles and colors. The Lanul Belt Bag ($14.99, Amazon) is almost a perfect replica and more than $23 less than the Lulu version. Plus, it’s currently $2 cheaper than usual, so snag it before the price goes back up.

$14.99 $16.99 (12% Off)

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9. Colorfulkoala Leggings ($22.99) vs. Lululemon Align Leggings ($98)

The Lululemon Align leggings ($98, Lululemon) are both supportive and buttery soft, but they cost nearly $100. And they rarely go on sale. Our readers shared that the Colorfulkoala leggings ($22.99, Amazon) are so close to Lululemon leggings that they’ve made the permanent switch. In fact, the reviews were so good I already ordered a pair and can confirm they’re super similar to my Lulus. This is great news considering they’re more than $75 less. The Amazon leggings have been listed for as low as $12.09 in recent years, so you may be able to get them cheaper if you wait, but they’re already such a great deal, you can feel good about adding them to your cart today.

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10. Target Basil Mule Heels ($34.99) vs. Dolce Vita Paily Sandal ($124.99)

The Dolce Vita Paily Sandal ($125, DSW) is the perfect versatile heel. Wear them as part of a casual date night outfit, or dress them up for a fancy event. And if you can’t justify the price tag, the A New Day’s Basil Mule Heels ($34.99, Target) are essentially the same thing for $90 less. The Dolce Vita sandals are only available in three colors and have extremely limited sizing left in stock, while you can grab the Target version in 12 colors. And you can save 5% extra with your Target RedCard.

ONLINE or In-Store Deal

11. Chouyatou Waffle Knit Shirt ($35.98) vs. Free People One Scout Jacket ($128)

This Free People shirt ($128, FreePeople.com) made “shackets” popular, but you don’t have to pay Free People prices to get the look. The Chouyatou waffle knit shirt ($35.98, Amazon) looks identical to the original, but you can save more than $92. The Amazon shirt is available in 19 different colors, many of which are super similar to the 15 Free People colors. It was priced as low as $14.21 a few months ago, so you may be able to save even more if you wait for the price to drop again.


12. Wild Fable Oversized Shacket ($36) vs. Free People Ruby Jacket ($73.69)

Using layers is a sure way to feel cozy, especially if you’re the one that’s always cold. This Wild Fable Oversized Shacket ($36, Target) is a perfect alternative for this Free People Ruby Jacket ($73.34, Zappos.com). Other than savings over 50%, this Target top seller is the best way to bundle up when you’re chilly.

ONLINE or In-Store Deal

13. Elyse Checkered Tote ($40) vs. Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote ($2,030)

If you have Louis Vuitton taste but don’t have the budget to match, don’t worry. We’ve found a great lookalike for the iconic Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote ($2,030, LouisVuitton.com). The Elyse checkered tote bag ($40, ShoptheSoho.com) features the same style and classic gray and beige checked pattern for thousands of dollars less. The faux leather bag does come with a shipping cost (this varies by location) and is not returnable, so keep that in mind.


14. Rocket Dog Mellow Shoes ($44.95) vs. Hey Dude Wendy Star Shoes ($64.99)

Get the look of Hey Dude shoes for $20 less! The Rocket Dog Mellow shoes ($44.95, Kohl’s) are a close match for Hey Dude’s Wendy Star shoes ($64.99, HeyDude.com) but $20 cheaper. And as every seasoned Kohl’s shopper knows, you almost never have to pay full price on an item due to sales and Kohl’s coupons, so you can likely grab a pair for even less.


15. Vintage Havana Epic Sneaker ($69.97) vs. Golden Goose Super Star Sneaker ($565)

Golden Goose sneakers are having a moment right now, but some shoppers don’t love the scuffed, lived-in look — especially for a pair of shoes that’s more than $500. One reader found these Vintage Havana Epic Sneakers ($69.97, NordstromRack.com) that are almost the same style as Golden Goose’s Super Star Sneakers ($565, GoldenGoose.com). Getting the alternative can save you more than $495. The Vintage Havana version is pearly white, so you can easily scuff them up yourself to get the true Golden Goose look.

$69.97 $130.00 (46% Off)


Beauty Designer Lookalikes

16. Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick ($2.49) vs. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick ($34)

Revlon’s matte lipstick shade Pick Me Up ($2.49, Ulta) is a close match to Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillowtalk ($34, Sephora), and reviewers say it’s just as creamy and hydrating — a must-have for a matte lipstick! You’ll save $31.51 by swapping brands, which makes it an easy way to try new shades without shelling out the big bucks.


17. Milani Color Statement Liner ($5.99) vs. MAC Lip Pencil ($22)

Lip liner is coming back in style — according to makeup TikTok, at least — so we’ve been on the hunt for a great look-alike product. We found that Milani’s Nude Color Statement Liner ($5.99, milanicosmetics.com) is a perfect match for MAC’s Whirl lip pencil ($22, Ulta) for less than a third of the price. You’ll save more than $16 by saving instead of splurging on this beauty item.


18. OGX Coconut Miracle Oil Body Wash ($5.99) vs. Brazilian Bum Bum Cream ($48)

One of the best lookalikes going viral on TikTok is an inexpensive version of the cult-favorite Brazilian Bum Bum Cream ($48, Sephora). Reviewers say OGX’s Coconut Miracle Oil Body Wash ($5.99, Target) is a nearly identical product for almost a tenth of the price. You’ll save more than $42 by switching to the Target product, which is $0.30 per ounce compared to the $5.92 per ounce of the original.


19. e.l.f. Hydrating Lip Shine ($7) vs. Clinique Black Honey Lipstick ($23)

We love a good Clinique lipstick alternative, and this one is especially good. We found that the e.l.f. Hydrating Lip Shine in shade Ecstatic ($7, Ulta) is practically identical to Clinique’s iconic lipstick shade Black Honey ($23, Ulta). While $23 for a lipstick you love isn’t outrageous, you could buy three shades of the e.l.f. lipstick for (less than) the same price.


20. Beakey Makeup Sponge (5 for $8.99) vs. BeautyBlender Makeup Sponge ($20)

The original BeautyBlender ($20, beautyblender.com) made makeup sponges popular, but there’s really no need to spend $20 on a sponge you’re going to cake in the foundation and toss after a few months. I use this 5-pack of Beakey sponges ($8.99, Amazon), which comes out to just $1.79 per sponge. And as long as you don’t care about having a sponge in the signature fuchsia color of the BeautyBlender, these work just as well! A pack of five for less than $9 is a major steal, considering five individual BeautyBlenders would run you $100.

$8.99 $10.99 (18% Off)

21. Shark FlexStyle Styling System ($299.99) vs. Dyson Airwrap ($599.99)

The Dyson Airwrap is all over TikTok and Instagram, but the iconic hair styler comes with a pretty hefty price tag. Enter: the best Dyson Airwrap alternatives. Our readers — along with thousands of online reviewers — swear that Shark’s FlexStyle ($299.99, SharkClean.com) is just as good as the Dyson Airwrap ($599.99, Ulta). The only major difference is that the Shark styling tool comes with four attachments rather than Dyson’s five, but we promise you won’t miss it when you’re saving $300.


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