We all want to save money for college, for our kids or for ourselves, but hectic schedules and tight budgets can make it seem impossible.

But of course, it’s not!

In fact, I’ve outlined a strategy most parents can easily follow to save $4,800 every year without redirecting their current budget or sacrificing their quality of life. The key is to diversify your income while using saving tools and aides.

Here’s an outline of what you’ll need to do each month to save $400:

Spend one to three nights or one to eight hours dog sitting, complete one to three TaskRabbit jobs, perform one to five Rewardable tasks, bust out one Fiverr gig, and incorporate couponing, Wikibuy, Upromise, and a savings app into your shopping habits.

Sound doable? It should! You might find that just one of these is your bread and butter for extra cash. Or, you might just do the bare minimum outlined for all of the following. Either way, stay committed to saving, and you’ll be surprised how fast your college fund grows!


1. Save money shopping with Wikibuy (we saved $18 in one month).

It’s hard to estimate how much you can save with Wikibuy as it entirely depends on how often you shop online and which products you purchase.

We are absolutely loving it, though!

Get the extension to your browser for free, then Wikibuy will evaluate competing vendors while you shop and show you the better price and estimated delivery date.

It even tests coupon codes and adds them when possible!

Wikibuy compensates us when you sign up for Wikibuy using the links we provided.

2. Save $200 per month on groceries by couponing.

Of course we’re going to plug the KCL app!

You’ve probably heard how we’ve saved our families thousands of dollars on groceries.

Don’t be intimidated; saving $200 on your monthly grocery bill is totally doable, especially with this Quick Start to Couponing. (I bet you’ll save even more!) Track your couponing savings, and transfer the difference to your child’s college fund.


3. Earn $50 per month babysitting dogs with DogVacay.

If you love animals, you can set your own rates to host dogs in your own home through DogVacay.

Most sitters charge $20-$50 per night, so you can easily lock down that $50. The most active sitters make over $1,000 monthly.



4. Earn another $50 per month doing odd jobs or errands with TaskRabbit.

TaskRabbit gives you the opportunity to pick up odd jobs like delivery, cleaning, and furniture assembly whenever you have spare time.

After creating an account, you’ll see available jobs in your area so you can bid on appointments that fit your skills and schedule.

Once you’ve completed a task, payment approval usually takes about 24 hours, and most users see the funds in their bank account in three to five business days (or about a week after the job.)

There is potential to make much more than $50 in a month, but the idea is to keep to your usual schedule and make saving for college more palatable.


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5. Snag an easy $40 per month with Swagbucks and InboxDollars.

Get paid to do things you’re already doing online like taking surveys, watching videos, or playing games.

Individual items don’t pay much, so the key is to choose wisely and consistently check back for new opportunities.

Our InboxDollars user makes $30-$40/month with this strategy, and these Swagbucks hacks can yield $100/month. Between the two, you should be able to nail down $40.

You’ll need to cash out in gift cards, so make sure you choose places you already shop, and transfer the equivalent to your savings fund.


6. Get $30 per month answering surveys or providing reviews on CashCrate.

I know, it sounds too easy to be legit, but you can make $3-$5 dollars per day in 10-45 minutes with CashCrate and cash out anytime your account has more than $20.

TIP: Use an auto-fill extension for the repetitive questions on surveys to cut down on your time.



7. Quickly earn $20 per month completing tasks with Rewardable.

Rewardable pays about $5-$20 per task for jobs like taking surveys or visiting retail locations and taking pictures.

I love these tasks because they usually only take 3-30 minutes!


8. Lock down an easy $5 per month with Fiverr.

With the quickest jobs and lowest commitment levels of all the freelance sites, Fiverr will let you sell almost any skill for, yup, $5.

Make it a goal to bust out at least one mini-gig every month, and cash out anything over $5 via direct deposit or Fiverr’s debit card.



9. Save $5 per month with cash back from Upromise.

Upromise gives you 5% or more cash back from hundreds of vendors you already love like Victoria’s Secret, Toys R Us, PetSmart, Expedia, and Walmart.

You’ll need to shop through their online portal or register your debit card with Upromise.

Then, you can save your rewards in a Sallie Mae Upromise account, direct them to a 529 college savings account, link the rewards to pay down a Sallie Mae student loan, or simply request a check once per quarter for any savings over $10.

Users report saving $5-$10 per month with little effort, just shopping where they already shop.


BONUS: Automatically save based on your budget with a savings app like Digit, Dyme, and Qapital.

Effortlessly save that extra money your hustle is bringing in with one of these money-saving apps.

They vary in their approach, but Digit, Dyme, and Qapital all allow you to automate the process of contributing to your savings account for free.

You’ll need to link your bank accounts so the apps can transfer money into savings based on your criteria.


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