Ten years ago, if you wanted wine, you had to put on some damned pants and go buy it yourself. Today, there are monthly wine clubs that deliver vino right to your doorstep. That’s adulting done right, friends. Here’s how it works:


The Hook: You get 3 bottles of wine delivered for only $28.41 with shipping and tax.

  • To get my business, Club W deeply discounts my first purchase.
  • Order 4 bottles of wine for the best bargain (free shipping means each bottle ends up costing $9.13, not $16.14).

Di-wine intervention: Use promo code KCL20 and get $20 off of your order! You’re welcome.


The Schtick: Club W is a monthly wine subscription service.

  • Your credit card is automatically charged $39.95 per month for 3 bottles of wine + $6 flat-rate shipping + tax.
  • All wines start at $13, and shipping on all orders with 4 or more bottles is free.


The Catch: If your order is processed May 1, you’ll automatically be charged if you don’t cancel by May 28.

  • If you don’t log in to your account and select ‘Skip the Month’ within 48 hours of your processing date, you’ll be charged the $39.95. So if you place your first order in the middle of April (as an example), you have until the middle of May to cancel or to skip a month.
  • If your Recommendation Settings are set to 3 bottles per month, but you only place 2 bottles manually into your cart, Club W adds the extra bottle from your Recommended Wines list.
  • If someone 21 years of age or older isn’t available to receive the order or if you miss your Club W delivery, they’ll ship it back out, but they could charge an additional $20 fee.


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The Out: You can cancel your membership by calling 1-855-282-5829 as soon as your first order ships.

  • Don’t assume the account is canceled until personally speaking to an agent via telephone and receiving email verification of cancellation.
  • Club W offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the wine isn’t zipping your bip, they’ll replace it for no additional cost.



The Good: Apps, airplanes and DoorDash

  • With the Club W app, you can skip a shipment at any month, anytime.
  • Club W gives you 2,500 TrueBlue Jet Blue Points with your first order.
  • If you live in any of these areas, DoorDash will even deliver your order within an hour: Atlanta, Bellevue, Boston, Brooklyn, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Manhattan, Minneapolis, Orange County, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Silicon Valley, St. Paul, Toronto, or Vancouver. For each wine you purchase on DoorDash priced $16.99 and under, you get $5 of Club W credit. For each wine $17 and up, they give you $10 in credit.


The Bad: The service isn’t cheap, and the wine’s rarely vintage.

  • At $9.13 per bottle, their introductory offer’s not nearly as attractive as Heartwood & Oak’s (only $4.97 each).
  • When you return the wines you’re not 100% happy with, there are additional return shipping fees.
  • Club W rarely offers vintage or rare wines.


The Verdict: Club W isn’t the cheapest wine-of-the-month option.

If you’re wondering which wines pair best with those Girl Scout Thin Mints (it’s a red blend, by the way) or Easter Peeps (White Zin), Club W is a great service to try for some of their exclusive, limited-run wines. But when it comes down to price, Club W can’t quite hold a big, bouquet-filled, grape-y candle to Heartwood & Oak’s promo BOGO bargain of $9.97.



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Everything You Need to Know About Club W's Wine-of-the-Month Club