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How to Thank Someone for a Money Gift in 35 Different Ways

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Cash is king, and in certain circumstances, it might be the best gift we can give someone. It’s common courtesy to express gratitude when someone generously gifts you with moolah, but how? If you’ve recently received a monetary present, we’ve wrangled 35 ideas on how to thank someone for a money gift.

Often the way in which you say thanks depends on how the gift was given and for what occasion. Whether the dollar signs are big or small, the gift giver will appreciate being acknowledged.

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How to Thank Someone for Money

Someone writing "thank you" on a piece of paper in calligraphy

Whether you got it via snail mail, social media, or another channel, we’ll tell you exactly what you can say.


If You Got It in a Card …

Ah, yes. This is a classic. Maybe a loved one sent money for your birthday or a holiday — a thank-you card is a smart idea. It’s a traditional way to respond. Use these prompts to guide your note.

1. Thank you for the generous gift of money!

This is a more polite and gentle way of saying, “I LOVE cold, hard cash!” We’re taught not to talk about money, so expressing gratitude for it can be tricky. “Gift of money” is a proper way of wording it.

2. Thank you for my birthday money. I plan to use it for _______.

The giver might be interested to know where the money is going, whether you plan on treating yourself or saving it for later on.

3. I really appreciate the gift card. That’s one of my favorite stores.

Did you get cash in the form of a gift card? Acknowledge that the place you’ll spend it is a store you actually like.

4. Thank you for thinking of me on my special day.

Was the money a birthday gift? Let the giver know how special they made you feel.

5. This was such a wonderful surprise. Thank you for your generosity!

If you weren’t expecting to receive money from that person, this can be a thoughtful way to say “thank you.” You’re acknowledging that they went out of their way to make you feel special.

6. You always think of me, and I really appreciate it.

Is the sender generous with you year after year? Let them know that it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

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How to Thank Someone for Money if You Got It Through a Cash App …

These days, Venmo (and similar cash apps) makes sending and receiving money a breeze. If you were gifted money through a cash app, here are some ideas for how to respond via text.

7. I just got your Venmo gift — thank you so much for thinking of me.

Short and sweet. Sometimes, that’s all it takes.

8. Thank you for the generous gift! I’ve been dying to treat myself lately.

If you were hoping to splurge and indulge in a spa day or new outfit, tell the gift-giver your intentions. They’ll be glad to be a part of it in their own way.

9. Thank you for making my special day even brighter.

If you’re not comfortable explicitly mentioning money, acknowledge that you received it and thank them for putting a smile on your face.

10. I wasn’t expecting this! Thank you for a wonderful surprise.

Were you not expecting to receive a dime? Tell them! They’ll feel happy to know that they gave you a pleasant surprise.

11. Thank you for sending it over Venmo.

If you’re a regular user of whatever app the giver sent the money through, you can express gratitude that they picked something so easy for you. You can also use a few of your favorite emojis, of course.

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How to Thank Someone for Money if You Got It on Social Media …

It’s becoming increasingly common to send loved ones money via social media, especially Facebook. Here’s how you can respond directly on the platform.

12. Thank you so much for your donation. It’s going to help _______.

Did you run a birthday fundraiser? Whether you thank them in a private message or post on their page, acknowledge the giver’s donation and tell them what their money is going toward.

13. Thank you for the generous gift you sent over Facebook.

If you want to thank them privately, a simple DM sharing your gratitude for their thoughtfulness is a considerate touch.

14. I’m forever grateful for the money gifted to me by [NAMES].

If you want to publicly acknowledge your loved ones’ generosity, you can post on your own page and give them a loving shout-out.

15. I plan to use this money for _______.

You could always take the approach of sharing your plans for the cash — whether it’ll go into your savings, toward bills, or treating yourself.

16. I really appreciate the gift card — thank you!

Instead of cash, sometimes people send gift cards to Amazon or specific brands. This way, the recipient can buy whatever they want. Sweet!

17. Thank you for being part of my special day.

If you received the money as a birthday gift, make your generous loved one feel included by highlighting how they were a part of it.

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How to Thank Someone for Money if It’s for Your Wedding …

The average wedding costs around $34,000. Yikes. No wonder people give newlyweds money.

18. Thank you for contributing to our honeymoon fund. We’re so excited about Hawaii.

If you asked for donations in lieu of gifts, this is a straightforward way to say that you’re thankful.

19. Thank you for the generous gift of money and for helping us celebrate our very special day.

Let the sender know that it’s not just about the money — they were a part of your milestone event.

20. We will never forget our wedding day, and you helped make it happen.

Let’s be real: Weddings aren’t cheap, and gifts of money are extremely appreciated.

21. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for contributing to this cause that we care about so much.

If you asked for donations to a charitable foundation instead of gifts, make sure the gifter knows that their contribution makes a difference.

22. We really appreciate your generous gift. We used it for _______.

If you’re comfortable sharing what you spent the money on, the gifter might like knowing exactly how they had an impact.

23. We’re planning on buying a new home/having a baby, and your thoughtful gift will be a huge help. Thank you!

Is there another milestone event coming up after your nuptials? Mention it.

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How to Thank Someone for Money if It’s for a Funeral …

This might feel like an odd time to talk about money, but during tragedies, all types of support help — including financial.

24. Thank you for the thoughtful gift of money after [NAME]’s passing.

It’s okay to keep it simple. During such a trying time, the money-giver will appreciate any sort of acknowledgment.

25. Thank you for being so generous during this difficult time.

Ironically, funerals aren’t cheap (although maybe they should be). The financial support might come in handy.

26. You brought some light to a very dark time. Thank you.

Whether or not we want to admit it, especially around the time of a funeral, money makes things a little bit (and sometimes a lot) easier.

27. I greatly appreciate your generous donation for [NAME]’s celebration of life.

Sometimes, saying goodbye to our loved ones is (financially) a community effort. Every bit helps.

28. My family and I are forever grateful for your support after [NAME]’s passing.

By giving you money, did the giver help you and your loved ones? Say so. They’ll be happy to know they had an even bigger impact.

29. People like you make the world a better place. Thank you for your generosity.

When you’re dealing with heartache, every kind gesture can make the day a little more bearable.

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How to Thank Someone for Money if It’s for Your Graduation …

College isn’t cheap, and your giver probably knows that.

30. I plan to put this toward my student loans.

Are you in tens of thousands of dollars of debt? Welcome to the club! Gifts of money are always appreciated.

31. This will help me get started in my new apartment.

Adulting isn’t cheap, and that includes your living arrangements. Let the giver know that they’re helping you start life as an adult.

32. I plan to use this for my new work wardrobe.

Did an amazing job offer follow graduation? Thank your loved one for helping you get started on the right foot (in the most fashionable shoes).

33. Thank you for the generous gift. I’m working on building my savings back up.

If school bled you dry (my condolences), express gratitude for the financial help in building your safety net back up.

34. I just got a new car and will use this for gas money.

Gas prices aren’t kind on the wallet these days.

35. I worked so hard in school — I plan on treating myself to a massage with this. Thank you!

You earned it. The last few years of your life were probably stressful, and now, thanks to this gift of money, you can indulge and unwind with some much-deserved TLC.

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Making Your “Thank You” Matter

People feel funny about money. Sometimes, it can be hard to accept it. It can be even harder to acknowledge it. But rest assured that if someone who cares gives you a gift of money, it’s because they want you to have it.

A heartfelt “thank you” goes a long way. Personalize it to the sender, make sure you thank them promptly, and sometime in the future, you might find a way to pay it forward — either literally or figuratively.


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