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There’s simply no way around it; last year was rough on the pocketbook. With price increases on gas, meat, eggs, and milk, pretty much everything saw a jump in cost, leaving us consumers struggling to make ends meet in 2022. The increases were so out of control some items doubled and tripled in cost over their prices in 2020 and 2021.

If you’re over the skyrocketing cost of goods, we want to share some good news — several items boast cheaper prices now than 2021. What a great way to start 2023; some New Year’s resolutions and a few more bucks in your pocket. We love sharing good news, so let’s get to it.

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Cheaper Prices on Meat

Meat section at a grocery store

According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the prices for several cuts of beef took a dip in 2022, including:

Uncooked Beef Roasts

  • The average price for beef roasts in 2021 was $6.95 per pound. In December 2022 the price dropped 3.2% to $6.72.

Boneless Stew Beef

  • In 2021 if you bought beef for stew, you would have paid $7.34 per pound. At the end of last year, the price was almost 7% lower at $6.87 a pound.


  • You could get one pound of bacon for $7.21 back in 2021. The current average price of $6.96 is $0.25 less a pound.

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Cheaper Prices on Electronics and Appliances

Laptops in a electronics store

Computers, software, calculators, and TVs all saw price drops in 2022.

Major Appliances

  • If you held off buying major appliances until December 2022, you paid on average 0.6% less than if you bought them the year before. We’ll take it.


  • The BLS shows computers went down in price last year by almost 6%. However, Adobe Analytics shows considerably larger online price changes. According to their data, computers slumped by 16.18%.

Computer Software

  • While not a huge decrease, the average price for computer software dropped a little over 3% in 2022.


  • The cost of TVs has fallen significantly over the last year. According to the BLS, at the end of 2022, televisions were down 14.4% from 2021.


  • Smartphones saw the most significant price reduction over the last two years, falling a whopping 22% from 2021 prices.


  • If a new calculator is on your list of school supplies for this year, you’ll pay on average 11% less than if you had bought it in 2021.



Cheaper Prices on Vehicles

a line of cars in a parking lot

In 2021 we saw car prices jump 28.5% over 2020 prices due to several factors. These included a global microchip shortage and supply chain issues that left new car inventories at record lows, forcing buyers to shop used vehicles. With the production situation improving, last month the BLS reported the price of used cars and trucks dropped almost 9%, while car rentals dipped 4.9%.


Cheaper Prices on Apparel

Clothing rack at a store

Thanks to retailers offloading their excessive inventories brought on by snarled supply chains opening up and a decrease in consumer demand, prices for outerwear and dresses have decreased in 2022, 0.06% and 2.3%, respectively.


Cheaper Prices on Gasoline, Toys, and Other Goods

Woman refilling car with gas at the gas pump

Several miscellaneous goods saw cheaper prices in 2022, such as:


  • We paid an average of $3.28 per gallon of gas when filling up the last week of December 2021; one year later in 2022, we paid $3.09 a gallon.


  • Toy prices closed out last year 7.10% lower than they were in 2021, according to Adobe Analytics.

Sporting Event Tickets

  • Tickets for sporting events is another area where we see price reductions. SeatGeek reports that the average price of NFL tickets is $151. That’s considerably less than $307 ticket prices in 2022 and $411 in 2021.

Flowers and Related Gifts

  • Adobe Analytics shows that from December 2021 to December last year, the online price of flowers and related gifts fell by 20.49%.

Have you noticed lower prices where you shop? If so, share with us in the comments below.

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