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There is no shortage of options when it comes to sandwich shops, and Jersey Mike’s Subs seems to be climbing the list quicker than most. They’re now the third-fastest-growing quick-service restaurant in America with over 2,000 locations.

After spending some time studying Jersey Mike’s menu prices and reviewing Jersey Mike’s rewards program, we’ve uncovered a few ways you can make the most of your next visit to the sandwich shop with secret menu items and savings hacks.

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Get to know the Jersey Mike’s secret menu and their secret numbering system.

The Jersey Mike’s menu numbering system seems random – cold subs are numbered 1-14, while hot subs are a series of scattered numbers between 16 and 56.

If you don’t see a number on the board, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. There are some secret menu numbers and items to enjoy upon request.

Big Kahuna Cheese Steak with Chipotle Mayo

#99: A combination of the #43 (Chipotle Cheese Steak) and the #56 (Big Kahuna Cheese Steak). This “Big Kahuna Cheese Steak with Chipotle Mayo” sandwich has grilled steak, grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms, jalapenos, American cheese, and spicy chipotle mayonnaise.

The Martian

#59: “The Martian” is basically a #5 (The Super Sub) with salami instead of ham and pepperoni instead of proscuittini.

Pepperoni Pizza Sub

#21: The “Pepperoni Pizza Sub” is when you take a #3 (Ham & Provolone), put red sauce on the bottom of the bread, substitute provolone for Swiss, sub ham for pepperoni, and have it heated. Try it on rosemary parmesan bread for the win!

The Surf & Turf

#96: The “Surf & Turf” is a modified #9 (Club Supreme) where you swap provolone for Swiss, sub turkey for tuna, and remove the bacon.

The Cuban

#22: The “Cuban” is when you take a #11 (Stickball Special), sub provolone for Swiss, then add pickles and mustard.

The Chicka-Fila-Roni

Another popular secret menu item is the Chicka-Fila-Roni, which is a chicken Philly with grilled pepperoni, grilled onions, chipotle mayo, marinara and/or ranch. Insert stomach growl here. This sandwich, which last made a limited-time appearance on the menu in 2011, does not have a number (yet).


Jersey Mike’s Hacks to Save Money

1. Sign up for Jersey Mike’s rewards program to earn around 8% back in freebies.

Jersey Mike’s rewards program, MyMike’s, is one of the most straightforward out there. Instead of earning “Shore Points” based on total money spent (like Subway) or total number of visits (like Jimmy John’s), Jersey Mike’s points are accumulated based on how many subs you buy (when you buy online or scan your app’s QR code in store).

After you sign up for a free MyMike’s account, you’ll earn:

  • 3 Shore Points for every Kids Meal ($4.95)
  • 4 Shore Points for every Mini 5″ Sub or Breakfast Sandwich ($5.75 – $6.55)
  • 6 points for every Regular 7″ Sub/Wrap/Sub in a Tub ($6.95 – $8.95)
  • 12 points for every Giant 14″ Sub ($13.25 – $14.95)

When you’ve accumulated enough points, you can redeem:

  • 48 points for a free Mini Sub (up to $6.55)
  • 72 points for a free Regular Sub, Wrap, or Sub in a Tub (up to $8.95)
  • 144 points for a free Giant Sub (up to $14.95)

On average, you can expect your points to get you freebies equal to around 8% of what you spent. Worst case, though, you could earn 144 Shore Points buying only Kids Meals (3 points each). By the time you’ve earned enough to get a free Giant Sub, you’ve spent $237.60, and your free Giant Sub is worth 5.5% of that.


2. To maximize Shore Points, buy Giant Subs and get free Mini Subs.

Simply put, if you buy 12 of one type of sandwich, you’ll get 1 free. But we can do better than that. It’s all about maximizing those Shore Points.

Depending on your order, you could be spending between $1.10 and $1.65 for every Shore Point you earn. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Kids Meals: $1.65 spent per point earned
  • Mini Subs/Breakfast Sandwiches: $1.44 – $1.64 spent per point earned
  • Regular Subs, Wraps, Subs in a Tub: $1.16 – $1.49 spent per point earned
  • Giant Subs: $1.10 – $1.25 spent per point earned

Your best value is to earn points buying Giant Subs; they’ll always get you at least 8% value back in freebies. But here’s the best scenario: You only have to buy a Giant Sub four times to get the 48 points needed for a free Mini Sub. Your total $53 spend will get you a sandwich worth $5.75 – $6.55, which is 10.8% – 12% back.


3. Buy a Jersey Mike’s giant sub and split it with a buddy to save $2.25.

Jersey Mike’s says their 14-inch giant sandwiches feed four people, but in my experience it’s more like two hungry people.

Next time you and a friend have a hankering for Jersey Mike’s Philly cheesesteak sandwich, go ahead and buy the Giant ($14.25) and split it in two. You’d each get 7″ of sandwich — the equivalent of a Regular sub — for $7.13.

If you were to buy two regular Jersey Mike’s Philly cheesesteaks, those would cost $8.25 each, for a total of $16.50. Easy $2.25 savings.


4. Adding chips and a drink to any regular sandwich is the same price as ordering a combo meal.

Spoiler alert: Combo meals don’t save you any money.

There are only three official combo meals on the Jersey Mike’s menu — Turkey & Provolone, The Original Italian, and Mike’s Famous Philly — but these meals cost the same as adding chips and a drink separately.

For example, the Turkey & Provolone combo meal comes with a bottled drink and a bag of chips and costs $11.63. The sandwich by itself costs $7.95, and adding $3.69 for the chips and drink “deal” comes out to $11.64. Yep. One penny difference.


5. Get a free Regular Sub on your birthday if you’re a MyMike’s member.

If you’ve added your birthday to your MyMike’s account, you’ll get an email on your big day saying that you’ve received 80 Shore Points. You can use them however you wish, but that’s more than enough to redeem a free Regular Sub (up to an $8.95 value).

We appreciate this Jersey Mike’s birthday gift because, unlike other restaurant birthday freebies, it doesn’t expire.


6. Jersey Mike’s Tubs are healthier options than wraps.

For those who like a big salad for lunch, there is a lighter option on the Jersey Mike’s menu: Subs in a Tub, which are bowls filled with all of a sandwich’s ingredients, minus the bread.

When you review Jersey Mike’s menu prices, regular subs, wraps, and “subs in tubs” all cost the same. The main difference between those offerings, besides personal preference, is the calorie count.

Let’s break down the calories for a regular Original Italian (#13) sandwich with all versions costing $8.95:

  • On white bread: 920 calories
  • On wheat bread: 930 calories
  • On rosemary parmesan: 960 calories
  • On gluten-free bread (costs $1.50 extra): 880 calories
  • In a wrap: 950 calories
  • In a tub: 640 calories



7. You can get Jersey Mike’s delivery, but you’ll pay about 21% more for your sandwich.

Does Jersey Mike’s deliver? Yes. The sandwich chain doesn’t have a delivery fleet like Jimmy John’s, but instead relies on third-party vendors including GrubHub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats. Fair warning, though: you’ll pay more for your sandwiches that way.

For example, a regular Mike’s Famous Philly (#17) is $8.25 in store and on the Jersey Mike’s app/website, but it costs $10 on the three delivery platforms — 21.2% higher, and that’s before service fees and tips.

Meanwhile, a regular Portabella Cheese Steak is $9.50 in store, but $11.50 on the delivery platforms — another price bump of 21%.

Jersey Mike’s prices are the same in store as they are when you order via their website/app. You’re better off buying online and selecting a convenient pickup time for your order.

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8. Adding most toppings to your sandwich is free, but there are a few premium add-ons.

If you like stuffing your sammies with as many free toppings as possible, you can load up pretty substantially at Jersey Mike’s. Here are the veggies that don’t cost any extra: lettuce, tomato, onion, green bell peppers, pickles, cherry pepper relish, banana peppers, and jalapeños. Ask your server to pile ’em high.

Some extras will cost you, though. Bacon costs $1.00 – $2.50, extra meat is $1.25 – $2.50, and extra cheese is $0.75 – $1.50.


9. Jersey Mike’s Kids Meals are light on the stomach and the wallet.

Jersey Mike's kids meal

Kids Meals aren’t just for the 8 and under crowd; they provide a light meal for adults, too. They contain one 4-inch kids’ sub — either ham and cheese or turkey and cheese — chips or a small cookie, and a 12-oz fountain drink for $4.95.

That’s comparable to the 4-inch Kids Meals we’ve seen at other sandwich restaurants: Subway ($4.50), Potbelly ($4.99), and Firehouse Subs ($5.24).

Sadly, the Kids Meals are only available in stores; no ordering online or third-party deliveries. But the good news is that by going in store, you can beef up your Kids Sub with those unlimited veggies.


10. Save up to $2.77 per person when you buy boxed lunches from the catering menu.

You don’t need to be hosting a convention to order from the Jersey Mike’s catering menu; you can order individual boxed lunches for as few as five people, and the savings are strong.

The Regular Lunch Box with a Drink comes with any regular-size cold sandwich, chips, cookie, and a 20 oz bottled drink for $10.95. Bank the biggest savings when you order the five most expensive regular-size cold sandwiches at Jersey Mike’s (reg. $8.95):

  • The #6 (roast beef and provolone)
  • The #8 (Club Sub)
  • The #9 (Club Supreme)
  • The #12 (Cancro Special)
  • The #13 (Original Italian)

Purchased a la carte, one of these sandwiches and the other items in the box would total $13.72, which means you’re saving $2.77 on each box you buy.

Mini Lunch Boxes are also available for $7.95, but the savings aren’t as solid. These come with any mini cold sub, chips, and a cookie. Purchased separately, this combination would cost up to $8.73.


11. Skip the catering menu’s “Subs by the Box” — it may actually cost you more money.

Jersey Mike's Subs by the Box

Jersey Mike’s Subs by the Box is an order of four Giant Subs cut into thirds for $59.95, a bad deal no matter how you slice it.

That’s because four of the most expensive Giant Subs cost $14.95 each, or $59.80 for four of them. That’s just $0.15 less than the Subs by the Box price. If you were to buy four of the cheapest Giant Sub on the menu — the #2 (Jersey Shore’s Favorite), $13.25 each — it’d cost $53, $6.95 less than the catering option.


12. Find discounted Jersey Mike’s gift cards from sites like Raise.com for an easy 6% off.

Raise.com sells discounted Jersey Mike’s gift cards, which means you pay up to 6% less than the amount loaded onto the card. Instant savings.

If Raise runs out of inventory, you can also buy Jersey Mike’s gift cards through the app, on the website, in any physical store, and at a bunch of different retailers.



13. Follow Jersey Mike’s on social media for exclusive promo codes and to find out when double point days are happening.

Jersey Mike's Facebook double points

Roughly twice per month, Jersey Mike’s lets MyMike’s members earn double the Shore Points on applicable purchases. You’ll find double points day announcements on their Twitter and Facebook.

Another good reason to follow Jersey Mike’s on social media is that you’ll find special Jersey Mike’s promo codes and other deals that they don’t offer anywhere else.

For example, they gave out a promo code for $2 off a regular sub for following @jerseymikes on Instagram one day in November 2021. They also gave out promo codes for $2 off a regular sub on National Sandwich Day (Nov. 3).

Jersey Mike’s is known to hold $15 gift-card giveaways via their Instagram account. You basically respond to a promotional post on the @jerseymikes Instagram account by leaving a comment on the applicable post and including the hashtag #SubSeasonSweepstakes.


14. If you have gluten allergies, you can order gluten-free bread for $1.50 – $3.00.

Jersey Mike's Gluten Free Bread

Jersey Mike’s has four bread options available when it comes to regular and giant sandwiches: white, wheat, rosemary parmesan, and gluten free.

You’ll have to spend $1.50 more for a regular sammie and $3.00 more for a giant sub if you choose the gluten-free variety. (Gluten-free bread is not available in mini sizes.)


15. The only special discount Jersey Mike’s offers is for their employees.

Jersey Mike’s employees get a free meal and free drinks during every shift they work, plus a 50% discount on their orders when they’re not on the clock.

That’s the only discount they offer, though. If you’re a senior, a student, a member of the military, a teacher, a preacher, or a first responder, you’re not getting any special discounts at Jersey Mike’s.


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