When it comes to buying Mother’s Day flowers, timing and location are everything.

The closer we get to Mother’s Day, the higher prices will climb. For a simple 12-stem bundle of roses or tulips, aim for the $10 – $15 range. You can find these prices at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Target, and Walmart pretty easily, although flowers do sell fast. Try not to spend more than $25 for a small mixed-stem arrangement (around 20 stems) or $40 for a large mixed-stem arrangement (40 – 50 stems).

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Here are the best flowers you can buy locally or get delivered, nationwide.


Whole Foods delivery offers 20-stem bunches of tulips for $9.99.

Every year, Whole Foods runs this insane deal on fresh tulip bunches. Amazon Prime members can score a 20-stem bunch of tulips for $9.99, or $0.50 per tulip. If you’re a Prime member, you can get them delivered for free with a $35 minimum order. If you want a Mother’s Day delivery, don’t order until the morning of May 9. (Drivers can receive tips!)

The price will be $14.99, or $0.75 per tulip, for non-Prime members, which is still a decent deal.

Download the Whole Foods Market app and sign in to your Amazon Prime account. Then, at checkout, scan the Prime code to received the discount. (Sign up for Amazon Prime.)

In stores only
Prime members only

Final Price: $9.99, or $0.50 per tulip

Buy 4 20-Stem Tulip Bunch (reg. $15) $9.99, sale price
Online only
Prime members only

Free 2-hour delivery on orders of $35+
Delivery tip recommended
Final Price: as low as $39.96 shipped, or $9.99 per bunch, or $0.50 per stem


Trader Joe’s flowers (double dozen tulips) are selling for $10.99.

For the best price per tulip, head to Trader Joe’s. They sell 24 stems for $10.99, or $0.46 per tulip.

Honestly, who wants roses when tulips are this cheap? Use that money you’re saving by not buying roses to pick up a $0.99 card while you’re there.

In stores only

Final Price: $10.99, or $0.46 per stem



Trader Joe’s inflates their prices on roses, but it’s still one of the best options.

A dozen roses at Trader Joe’s is regularly $6.99. They actually inflate their regular price on Mother’s Day. At my store, they’re now priced at $7.99 versus the regular $6.99 price.

In stores only

Final Price: $7.99, or $0.67 per stem


Aldi’s tulip bunches come out to $0.49 per stem.

If you don’t have a Whole Foods or TJs nearby, stop by Aldi where their 10-stem tulips are just $0.49 per stem. My store had pink, yellow, and white bunches available already. Consider picking up one of their mixed floral bouquets — they beat out Target’s price!

In stores only

Final Price: $4.89, or $0.49 per stem

In stores only

Final Price: $9.89

In stores only

Final Price: $13.99



Walmart’s dozen roses are the best price per stem.

A dozen roses at Walmart costs $9.97, or $0.83 per stem, and it’s one of the best prices per rose. These usually sell pretty fast, so you’ll want to shop as soon as possible.

Walmart’s mini bouquets are the cheapest entry into the rose market, but not the cheapest cost per stem at $1.62 each. These flowers are now available in stores.

In stores only

Final Price: $9.97, or $0.83 per stem

In stores only

Final Price: $4.87, or $1.62 per stem


Target’s mixed floral bouquets are $14.99.

Target stores in my area didn’t offer tulip stems or rose bouquets this year, but I did find premium mixed floral bouquets for $14.99. It’s not the best price per stem, but it’s not a total price gouge compared to the $19.99 bouquets they offered on Valentine’s Day.

In stores only

Final Price: $14.99



Sam’s Club rose bouquets are $1 per stem.

Sam’s Club is a great option for last-minute shoppers. They have a wide variety of jumbo and premium options at decent prices. The 18-stem rose bouquet is $17.98, or $1 per stem.

In stores only

Final Price: $17.98, or $1 per stem

In stores only

Final Price: $14.98


Where to Find the Best Prices on Mother's Day Flowers