This year, National Sandwich Day is on Wednesday, Nov. 3, so if you needed a reason to eat sandwiches, consider this your sign.

If you’re into free and cheap sandwiches, here are 9+ of the best deals between two pieces of bread:


1. Subway’s National Sandwich Day Deal: BOGO 50% off

When you place an order at the Subway website or app, you can get a BOGO 50% off deal when you enter the code BOGO50 at checkout. This deal excludes footlong pros and wraps but is still valid for all other sandwiches.

For more ways to eat healthier (and cheaper), check out our Subway restaurant hacks.


2. Jersey Mike’s National Sandwich Day Deal: $2 off your order

Jersey Mike’s is offering $2 off their regular subs when you order off the app. The coupon will automatically work when you order through the app, but this deal is only available from Nov. 3-7.


3. Jimmy John’s National Sandwich Day Deal: Free sandwich for new rewards members

While we’re waiting for Jimmy John’s to release their official National Sandwich Day deal for 2021, go ahead and sign up for Jimmy John’s Freaky Fast Rewards and get a free 8″ sandwich, just in time for the big day.

Freaky Fast members earn points toward other freebies like free chips, drinks, and more. They’re one of our favorite fast food rewards programs.

In the past, Jimmy John’s has offered a BOGO 50% off promo code on National Sandwich Day.



4. Schlotzky’s Deli’s National Sandwich Day Deal: $5 medium sandwiches

When you order a sandwich through the Schlotzky’s app, you’ll get a medium sandwich for only $5. This deal is only available on the app on National Sandwich Day, Nov. 3.


5. Popeye’s National Sandwich Day Deal: free sandwich after spending $10 or more

From Nov. 2-3, anyone who places an order of $10 or more on the Popeye’s app will get a free chicken sandwich.


6. McAlister’s Deli’s National Sandwich Day Deal: BOGO 50% off

When you become a McAlister’s reward member, you get a BOGO 50% off coupon on the app for all sandwiches. This deal is only available through the app on National Sandwich Day, Nov. 3.


7. Which Wich’s National Sandwich Day Deal: $5 Wicked Sandwich

On Wednesday, Nov. 3, get a “Wicked Sandwich” from Which Wich — which comes with turkey, ham roast beef, pepperoni, and bacon — for only $5 (reg. $8.25).

Best of all, you can get it the following Wednesday, and the Wednesday after that; this deal is available every Wednesday at Which Wich.

Plus, all November long, they’ve changed their delivery fee to only $1.


8. Potbelly Sandwich Shop’s National Sandwich Day Deal: BOGO free

Potbelly is running a BOGO deal on sandwiches this year for National Sandwich Day, Wednesday, Nov. 3, when you order online.

All you have to do is use the promo code BOGO when you check out. This deal is only valid on National Sandwich Day, so make sure to get your BOGO sandwiches ASAP.


9. Ike’s Love & Sandwiches National Sandwich Day Deal: Free sandwich

Ike’s Love & Sandwiches is celebrating National Sandwich Day and their 14th anniversary by giving 1,400 free sandwiches to rewards members. You have to sign up by Nov. 1, so be sure to claim your free sandwich as soon as possible.

Ike’s Love & Sandwiches keep the deals coming with a free drink on Nov. 4, free chips on Nov. 5, and free delivery from Nov. 6-7 by using the code LOVEIKES at checkout.


More National Sandwich Day deals we’re keeping an eye on…

These restaurants haven’t (yet) announced their deals, but here’s what they’ve done in the past:

Celebrate National Sandwich Day with These Freebies & Deals