Remember RadioShack? The home electronics giant of the ’80s and ’90s disappeared from the retail landscape in 2015, but a new owner is looking to bring them back.

Retail Ecommerce Ventures, LLC has purchased the RadioShack brand, and wants to give it a second life.

Here’s what you need to know:


The comeback will be online only — like Pier 1.

Don’t expect new RadioShack stores to open; new owners Retail Ecommerce Ventures are all about building online-only stores.

Earlier this year, REV bought the assets of Pier 1 after they closed all their stores — and launched a brand-new online-only store on Sept. 1.

RadioShack will follow a similar blueprint.


Expect electronics deals as RadioShack relaunches Black Friday week.

As of Nov. 20, RadioShack has suspended shopping on their website, promising a relaunch during Black Friday week. In the meantime, they say they’re restructuring their stock and inventory.

The website lists four main categories of sales — Safety & PPE, Headphones, Radios and Batteries — but the new website will likely be way different.

They’re likely to make a big splash during the busiest shopping week of the year with discounts on work-from-home products.



RadioShack joins a company full of rebooted retailers.

REV has been swooping in and buying troubled retailers in 2020, including Pier 1, sporting goods company Modell’s, and their biggest success story so far, Dressbarn.

We’ve seen a growing list of struggling brick-and-mortar stores that have found new life as ecommerce sites.


Look for the return of RadioShack brands.

As part of the acquisition, REV bought RadioShack’s patents and store brands, including Enercell batteries and Powerhorn speakers.


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RadioShack Is Making a Comeback in Time for Black Friday