We’ve all been chatting on our weekly Zooms about how KCL employees are spending their stimulus checks, and the answers are super frugal to hilarious. I wanted to share these with you and see what you are planning to spend yours on? Drop a comment and let us know!

Here’s what we are doing with all that cash:

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Mairyn spent her stimulus check on new tires for her car.


Katii’s stimulus check went for a new tattoo.


Petra is using her stimmy towards a down payment on a house.


Aline is putting her check right into her investment account.



Tiff paid off credit card debt.


Emma is adopting a new dog with her stimulus money.


Maddie supported a local business and bought art with her stimulus check.


Evelyn paid her car loan off.


Jennifer did a backyard renovation in time for summer.


Kris is paying for his kid’s braces.


Jessie is spending her stimmy on DoorDash and a mini fridge.


Angela lives in her RV with her family and will be taking more fun trips.

Tirsa is throwing down for a new washer and dryer.


Heather is buying a Nicholas Cage pillow.


Becca is spending her dinero on a vacation to Mexico.


Molly is gonna grill everything on her new Blackstone Grill.


Kaylyn is giving her check right back to the government by paying taxes. Whomp.

Okay now your turn! What are you doing with your stimulus check?

Here's How KCL Employees Are Spending Our Stimulus Checks