Now that spring is here, I’m looking to upgrade my wardrobe for the sunny days ahead. But some of these spring shoes are spendy. Lucky for all of us, I’ve found some great spring shoe knockoffs in my own hunt that can help.

Whether you’re on the hunt for Teva sandals, Birkenstocks, Chacos, or Crocs, I’ve got the lowdown on where to find dupes at a fraction of their name-brand cousins. I’m warning you, though, low-priced look-alikes sell fast, so get to it before they’re gone.

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1. Score $10 Teva sandals look-alikes at Walmart.

Walmart’s Time & Tru Nature sandals have an identical strap style and velcro closures as Teva Original Universal Sandals you can find at REI. The only difference between the two brands? Cost. Walmart’s Teva look-alike sandals are only available in stores, but you can order online at for in-store pickup.


2. Look for Birkenstocks dupes at Costco, Walmart, Target, and Amazon.

Skechers sandals at Costco are dead ringers for Birkenstocks, complete with the metal buckles, wrap sides, and soft suede-textured footbed. The best part is they’re a fraction of the price, but only available in store until May 9 for the Buy 1, save $4 deal.


If you’re a fan of Birkenstock’s toe-thong style sandal, you’re going to love these Time and Tru sandals from Walmart. You can grab them in store or online at


Shade and Shore nailed their Birkenstock dupe. Not only do they have identical straps and buckles, but they have the same squishy feel for a fifth of the price. You can grab a pair in store or online at


You can buy just about anything on Amazon, including plenty of name-brand knockoffs. While many fall short, I found these sandals from FUNKYMONKEY are pretty legit.


3. Save over $70 on Chacos knockoffs at Target.

No need to pay almost a hundred bucks for a pair of Chacos when you can grab a pair of Mad Love’s look-alikes at Target for less than $25. Available online and in store.


4. Check out these Converse copycats with almost 14,000 reviews on Amazon.

Not sure about buying a knockoff on Amazon? Thanks to the almost 14,000 reviews, these low-top Converse look-alikes have 4.4 stars out of a five-star rating. So if it makes you feel better, check out the reviews before you grab the classic Converse look without paying the name brand price.



5. Save some dough with Crocs look-alikes on Amazon and Target.

Depending on size and color, you can save up to $20 when you buy these Crocs look-alikes on Amazon. You get a cute, comfy pair of clogs and still have $20 to spend on other Amazon goodies; it’s a win-win.


If you’re looking for easy-to-clean, comfortable shoes for your kids, check out these Crocs copycats on Amazon.

Buy kids’ clogs at Target that can easily pass for Crocs and save you a few bucks over the real deal.


6. Grab some leopard print Adidas dupes at Walmart.

Ready to get your leopard print on? Check out these Adidas knockoffs. Although in-store inventory may be limited, you can grab them online at and save over $68.


7. Score Steve Madden knockoffs at Walmart for less than $13.

I love a cute pair of gladiator sandals, but I refuse to pay $85 for a pair. Thankfully, Walmart carries the Tried and Tru knockoffs that look and feel like the real thing without breaking the bank.


Looking for Great Spring Shoe Knockoffs? We Got 'Em!