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The summer season is here, and that means exclusive Starbucks summer cups, the Starbucks Summer Game, and new Starbucks summer drinks. While we already had our first release of drinks on May 9 with the white Chocolate Macadamia Cream Cold Brew and Chocolate Java Mint Frappuccino, we’ve heard rumors that a new line of Starbucks summer drinks will drop on June 27.

If you’re eager to try out one of the new drinks, or heading out to grab an old favorite, let us show you how to save all summer long at Starbucks. We have smart ways to use your Starbucks Rewards account and more.

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Starbucks is rumored to drop three new summer drinks on June 27.

starbucks barista preparing drink

While Starbucks themselves haven’t confirmed the lineup of new drinks, many online sources claim they arrive on June 27. They are expected to include Frozen Strawberry Acai Lemonade Refresher, Frozen Pineapple Passionfruit Lemonade Refresher, and Frozen Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade Refresher.

While we might have to wait for these items to be officially added to the Starbucks menu, many baristas claim that you can make them now for an additional $1.50. Here’s what they recommend:

  • Order the refresher of your choice
  • Ask for the drink to be “blended” for $0.50
  • Add Strawberry Puree for $1.00


Two new Starbucks summer drinks and a new cake pop dropped on May 9.

the starbucks summer menu from 2023 includes mint frapp and more. Against a blue background

As previously mentioned, the new drinks include a Chocolate Java Mint Frappuccino ($5.75 for a grande) and a White Chocolate Macadamia Cream Cold Brew ($5.25 for a grande). The Chocolate Java Mint Frapp comes with a new white chocolate mint syrup with frappuccino chips and a mocha drizzle. Next up is the White Chocolate Macadamia Cream Cold Brew, which involves macadamia syrup and white chocolate macadamia cold foam. You can add these new syrups and cold foams to your other favorite Starbucks beverages for around $1.25.

In addition to the drinks, Starbucks has a new cake pop shaped like a bumblebee (priced at $3.25 each). There are also new coffee grounds called the “Green Apron” blend (around $13.95 per bag).


Starbucks Pink Drink & Paradise Drink are available at grocery stores.

Someone holding a Starbucks bottled Pink Drink in a store

Last year, Starbucks introduced the Paradise Drink to the summer menu, then added it permanently because of its popularity. This year, Starbucks introduced the Pink Drink and Paradise Drink to their grocery line. These drinks cost around $3.67 each at grocery stores.


Get 25 free ‘Stars’ and $0.10 off your drink when you bring a clean, reusable cup.

If you’re a Starbucks Rewards member, you already know the value of “Stars.” When you bring in a clean, reusable cup to your local Starbucks, you’ll get 25 additional “Stars” in your account, as well as a $0.10 discount on your drink.


Share a Venti drink instead of ordering two Tall drinks to save more than $2.

Two tall Starbucks Paradise drinks and an empty venti Starbucks cup sitting next to a cookies and cream cake pop and a lime-frosted cake square on a table in Starbucks.

A Venti drink is 20 ounces, and a Tall drink is 12 oz. If you buy a Venti and ask the barista to split it between two tall cups, making two 10-ounce drinks, you’ll save around $2. Ultimately you’ll lose two ounces each, but consider the savings. Do this with a friend if you both want to try the Starbucks summer drinks.

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You’ll need 200 Stars to get a free Starbucks summer drink.

A person's hand holding up a tall Starbucks Paradise drink in front of some tropical foliage.

If you want to get a free Starbucks summer drink, the best way is to cash in your Starbucks Rewards Stars. By spending 200 Stars, you’ll get a free handcrafted drink (up to $5.25 in value) — including the Starbucks summer drink of your choice.

(And no, you’re not imagining it — Starbucks prices are going up.)


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