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Starbucks Winter Cups Are Here! Every Design, Price, Savings & More

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When the seasons change, Starbucks releases a new batch of their coveted reusable cups — and Starbucks devotees lose their marbles. The mania ratchets up another notch for Starbucks winter cups. Just like last year, we expect the designs to include winter, Christmassy, and Valentine’s Day themed cups, releasing between November and February.

Starbucks has officially launched their first wave of cups for the holiday season alongside the Starbucks Holiday drinks. We’ll show you every design, their prices, and even how to save with your new cups — including the new Starbucks x Stanley cups.

We’ve been keeping track of all the different Starbucks cup releases. Check out our Starbucks summer cups, Starbucks fall cups, and Starbucks spring cups lists to keep your collection updated. And don’t forget, you can always save money on these cups with your Starbucks Rewards account.

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All reusable Starbucks cups will get you $0.10 off and 25 Stars each time you use them.

a hand holding a starbucks winter cup

We know, we know. Getting $0.10 off your Starbucks order seems kind of useless, but along with the $0.10 discount, you’ll also get 25 bonus Stars every time you use a reusable cup at Starbucks in addition to the Stars you would have earned from the purchase in the first place. This discount and freebie works with every reusable cup on your order.

Those 25 Stars are equal to what you’d earn spending between $12.50 and $25 at Starbucks. That adds up quickly. We’ll tell you how you can spend your Stars and how the Starbucks Rewards program works in our comprehensive article.

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Now, here are all the Starbucks winter cups that have been announced from Starbucks:


A graphic displaying all the different Starbucks Winter Cups available.


Iridescent Winter White Cold Cups & Ornament (16 & 24 oz): $12.95-$24.95

This iridescent cold cup has a snowflake-like design that comes in two sizes with an ornament to match. These cups will only be sold at Starbucks-licensed stores (grocery stores, airports, or malls).

  • 24 oz (Venti size): $24.95
  • 16 oz (Grande size): $19.95
  • Ornament: $12.95


Poinsettia Red Prism Cold Cups & Ornament (16 & 24 oz): $12.95-$24.95

These cold cups have a red color that resembles poinsettias with a pattern to match the holiday flowers. They come in two different sizes with a matching ornament. These cups will only be sold at Starbucks-licensed stores (grocery stores, airports, or malls).

  • 24 oz (Venti size): $24.95
  • 16 oz (Grande size): $19.95
  • Ornament: $12.95


Geometric Rainbow Glass Mug (14 oz): $16.95

This 14-oz glass mug gives off an iridescent pearl color and has a geometric design. It’s big enough for a Tall drink to fit in, with a little room so you don’t spill.


Ribbon Tumblers (16 oz): $16.95

These Grande-size tumblers come in three different colors: lime green, bubblegum pink, and icicle blue. Fill ’em with hot or cold drinks.



Peppermint Pink Prism Mug (12 oz): $18.95

This 12-oz geometric-shaped mug has a flat maud pink color around the entire mug. It’ll hold a Tall-sized drink inside.


Deep Red Pleated Tumbler (16 oz): $27.95

starbucks winter 2023 red pleated tumbler

This Grande-sized dark red tumbler has a pleated texture with a matching red lid.


Winter Night Tumbler (12 oz): $19.95

This tumbler has a dark blue shiny design with a white Starbucks logo along the side. It can hold 12 oz, enough for a Tall-sized drink.


Iridescent Siren Cold Cup (24 oz): $19.95

The iridescent colors come back for this Venti-sized cold cup. It has a siren design that wraps around the cup.


Icicle Blue Tumbler (12 oz): $19.95

The siren design wraps around this light blue tumbler. You can put a Tall-sized drink inside.


Starbucks White Insulated Cups (24 oz): $24.95

This venti sized cup has a white design with insulation to keep your drinks the same temperature.


Holiday Tumbler (24 oz): $14.95

This tumbler has a translucent green design with holiday-themed designs surrounding the cup. It’ll comfortably fit your venti drinks.


Red Ribbon Holiday Tumbler (12 oz): $22.95

This tall-sized tumbler has a metallic red base with red ribbons surrounding it.


Silver Swirl Cold Cup (24 oz): $19.95

With a metallic silver design swirling up the cup, this venti-sized cup has a matching straw and base.


Starbucks Star Keychain & Cup Ornament: $9.95 & $12.95

These keychains will be available at all Starbucks locations. The pink star ornament flips open to be a stopper for your drinks keeping it hot or cold for longer. Here are the prices:

  • Starbucks Pink Star Keychain: $9.95
  • Starbucks Studded Cup Keychain: $12.95


Holiday Present Cold Cup (24 oz): $19.95

This venti cup has a green base with red ornaments surrounding it. It comes with a green ribbon straw topper.


Evergreen Sparkle Tumbler (12 oz): $22.95

This green, tall-sized tumbler has a green sparkle base and lime green lid.


Iridescent Mug (12 oz): $14.95

With an iridescent design, this mug will fit all your tall-sized drinks at Starbucks.


Holiday Flower Tumbler (24 oz): $19.95

This translucent venti-sized cup comes with a pine tree design with ornaments around it and a white rose straw topper.


Silver Holiday Cold Cup (24 oz): $19.95

This venti-sized cup has a silver base and white logo with holiday designs and ornament surrounding it.


Silver Holiday Tumbler (16 oz): $14.95

This grande-sized tumbler has a similar design to the cold cup counterpart with a pine tree design with ornaments on the branches. this cup will come with a red lid.


Color-Changing Plastic Hot Cup (16 oz): $3.95

This hot cup will change colors depending on the temperature of your coffee. It’s grande-sized with a green base and a white snowflake design.


Glitter Red Cold Cup (24 oz): $4.95

The Venti-sized Glitter Red Cold Cup is a red plastic cup with a white, green, and red straw. Makes you get all excited for Red Cup Day, doesn’t it?



Gradient Winter Blue Water Bottle (20 oz): $24.95

This reflective water bottle has a blue top that fades into a silver bottom. At 20 ounces, you can fit a Venti-sized hot drink inside.


Color Changing Hot Cup Set (6-pack; 16 oz each): $19.95

When you add your Grande-sized hot beverage to any of these cups, they will change color.


Starbucks x Stanley Holiday Tumbler (40 oz): $49.95

Stanley Starbucks tumbler being held in store

Last May, we saw the release of the first Starbucks and Stanley collaboration, and they’ve released a new cherry red design just in time for the holidays. This 40 oz cup will cost you $49.94… If you’re able to find them.

We’ll be keeping track of all the Starbucks and Stanley cups that they release, so you’ll be the first to know.


Disney x Starbucks Cups are here on the ShopDisney online store.

This holiday season, Disney and Starbucks has partnered up again to give us a new set of cups for the holiday season. These cups tend to go out fast, so make sure to run and grab these if you’re a big fan. The cups are only available on the ShopDisney.com website. Here’s what you can get:


Here are the predicted dates for the Starbucks winter cups this year:

Starbucks hasn’t officially released when they are going to release their cups, but based on last year’s release dates, we can predict when they will be released in the 2023 and 2024 winter seasons. Here’s when we can expect them to drop:

  • Nov. 2
  • Nov. 14
  • Nov. 28
  • Jan. 2
  • Jan. 30


Can you use ‘Stars’ to purchase a Starbucks winter cup?

Starbucks cup display

Yes, you can use your Starbucks Stars for your Starbucks winter cup. If you have 400 Stars on your Starbucks Rewards account, you can get $20 off your Starbucks merch. All you’ll have to do is pay the difference if your cup goes over the discount.


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