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In 1995 Taco Bell released the Volcano Burrito to promote the movie Congo (a forgettable film but a memorable meal). It claimed to be the spiciest burrito that you could get, and that was primarily due to the Lava Sauce. The item was added to the menu in 2008 and discontinued in 2013, but Taco Bell is bringing back the nostalgia by offering the Taco Bell Volcano Menu again in 2023.

We found out how to gain early access to the Lava Sauce, how much it might cost, and which menu items will have the spicy stuff included in their ingredients.

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Taco Bell Rewards members can get access to the Lava Sauce when the Taco Bell Volcano Menu arrives on June 27.

person holding phone with taco bell rewards and food on table

Taco Bell Rewards members can get the Lava Sauce early starting June 27. Rewards members will find the Lava Sauce through the Taco Bell app, and it’ll be added to the regular Taco Bell menu on June 29. The Lava Sauce will cost $1, and you can add it to all your favorite Taco Bell menu items.

Keep in mind, this will only be on the menu for a limited time, and we expect it to end before the sun sets on summer.

NOTE: Menu prices might change from location to location, so check your local Taco Bell for the most accurate prices.


The Volcano Burrito and Volcano Taco will have Lava Sauce included.

taco bell volcano menu burrito and taco returning

This year the Taco Bell Volcano Menu will include the Volcano Tacos, a hard-shell tortilla with beef, lettuce, Lava Sauce, and cheese, as well as the Volcano Burrito, which has beef, beans, rice, cheese, and Lava Sauce wrapped in a tortilla.

We expect the Volcano Tacos to cost $3.19 each and the Volcano Burrito to cost $4.49 based on the previous release and price increases.

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Make your own Taco Bell Lava Sauce with some creative ordering.

Making a Volcano sauce at home

If you’re craving the Taco Bell Lava Sauce now or missed your chance to get it during this promotion, you can make your own by mixing hot sauce with Taco Bell’s standard nacho cheese sauce. Throw in as much as you’d like depending on your spice tolerance. See more Taco Bell secret menu ideas.


Make the discontinued Taco Bell Volcano Menu using the Lava Sauce.

person holding taco bell burrito next to restaurant exterior

There are several Taco Bell Volcano Menu items that are not returning, including the Volcano Nachos, Volcano Double Beef Burrito, Volcano Quesarito, and Volcano Steak Burrito. However, you can use the Lava Sauce to recreate these items. Here’s how you can make them:

Volcano Nachos — $4.99

  • Order the Nachos Bellgrande (reg. $4.99).
  • Ask for the Lava Sauce instead of the nacho cheese sauce.

Volcano Double Beef Burrito — $3

  • Order the Beefy Melt Burrito (reg. $2).
  • Ask for a side of Lava Sauce (reg. $1).
  • Open the burrito and pour the Lava Sauce on the inside.

Volcano Quesarito — $4.59

  • Order a Beefy 5-Layer Burrito (reg. $3.39).
  • Add chipotle sauce (reg. $0.65).
  • Replace the beans with seasoned rice (reg. $0.55)
  • Replace the nacho cheese sauce with Lava Sauce.

Volcano Steak Burrito

  • Order a Burrito Supreme (reg. $4.39).
  • Replace the beef with steak (reg. $0.90).
  • Ask for a side of Lava Sauce (reg. $1).
  • Open the burrito and pour the Lava Sauce on the inside.
Taco Bell Volcano Menu Will Make a Seismic Return June 27