Jump in an Uber this week and get a free coffee. Simple as that.

But here’s what else you might want to know:


Riders and drivers get a BOGO Starbucks coupon whenever they take a ride Dec. 3-9.

It’s the “Week of Cheers” at Uber, and the company is offering its riders and driver-partners an exclusive coupon from Starbucks to buy one handcrafted Starbucks beverage, get one to share — whenever they take a ride or give one during the week.


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You can get one Starbucks coupon per day — and up to three maximum for the week.

And you can only redeem it after 2 p.m.


Uber drivers get Starbucks cards when they’re tipped — like up to $20.

When customers tip their drivers this week, those tips also earn them Starbucks eGift Cards.

Drivers get a $5 gift card with 5-9 tips, a $10 gift card with 10-19 tips, and a $20 gift card with 20 or more tips.


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Riding Uber This Week? Get a Free Starbucks!