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16 Legit Sites Where You Can Watch Ads for Money

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The internet can be a tricky place — from making sure you don’t get ripped off on money transfer apps, like Cash App, to navigating illegitimate Facebook Marketplace listings. Although there may be some shady corners of the world wide web, there are plenty of real, non-scammy opportunities to make money online, too. One totally reputable way to build up your bank account is to take advantage of websites where you can watch ads for money.

Looking for the perfect side gig? We know all about side hustles. In this case, keep reading for 16 legit sites that pay you to watch ads.

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16 Places to Watch Ads for Money

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1. AdWallet

  • Pros: 13+, $0.50 to $3 per ad, shows you incentive up front
  • Cons: Surveys only, no app, hasn’t been around long

If you’re 13 or older, you’re eligible to take part in making money by watching ads on AdWallet. While it doesn’t have a companion app, you can watch ads in a web browser. By doing so, you can make anywhere from $0.50 to $3 per ad. However, you need a minimum of $10 in your account to officially withdraw your money.

After each ad, you’ll take a survey about it. Other ad-watching sites (like some of the ones listed below) offer a slew of other ways to make money rather than only watching ads and taking surveys.

So far, AdWallet has paid out a total of $1 million (and counting) to members compared to other sites that have been around longer that are on the lower end of the spectrum. But another benefit of AdWallet is that you can see how much an ad/survey combo will make you up front.


2. Earnably

  • Pros: Has an app, small minimum payout, 10% of referral’s points, and offers payouts in cash/wallet codes/gift cards
  • Cons: Have to be 18+

With Earnably, you can make money in a variety of ways. The website, which also has an app, straight-up tells you how long each task will take and what it pays. That means it’s up to you to decide how much time you want to dedicate and for what price.

It’s available for users 18+. Earnably offers an option to take part in other tasks (not just surveys) in exchange for gift cards and codes. If you want to stick to straightforward cash, however, it has a considerably lower payout minimum compared to similar sites. You can cash out your money at a minimum of just $1.

An incentive to use Earnably is that you make 10% of the points anyone you refer to the site earns. So for example, if you encourage a family member to sign up using your referral link and they accrue 20 points, you’ll get 10% of that 20.

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3. FusionCash

Pros: Multiple ways to earn, sign-up bonus, $5 sign-up bonus

Cons: No need for credit card on file, low payments

First thing’s first, you make a $5 bonus just for joining the FusionCash platform. If that doesn’t already have you sold, FusionCash has a few other handy-dandy perks, too.

One such perk is that if inputting your credit card information makes you nervous (and also skeptical of the site’s legitimacy), FusionCash does not require a CC on file. They’re also one of the older get-paid-to (GPT) sites, having been around since 2005. So the fact that they’ve been in existence for so long helps bolster their trust factor.

The platform also tells you up front how much time a task will take, as well as how much it pays. However, it’s worth noting that FusionCash pays significantly more for things like taking surveys, paid-to-click (PTC) offers, or other paid offers (signing up for free trials, memberships, etc). When it comes to making moolah on the site, the payoff isn’t always worth your time. After all, a 10 – 15 minute video could earn you as little as $0.01.

TIP: FusionCash also offers another way to make money online: taking surveys.


4. Ibotta

  • Pros: More than 1,500 stores eligible, high cash-back percentage, direct deposit, high rate of cash back on purchases, variety of participating stores
  • Cons: Cash back only, different structure, doesn’t work at local mom-and-pop shops

Unlike most of the other GPT websites, Ibotta primarily works by giving you cash back. But the cash-back rate is high enough (up to 30%) to make it worth it.

This structure means you don’t have to watch videos! Instead, mull over the ads looking for deals and potential savings. It works on both the app, the website, and in store where eligible (and there are more than 300 of them). Between both brick-and-mortars and online options, there are over 1,500 stores in play.

Some of those include Walmart, Target, and Sam’s Club. For all the places that Ibotta works, check out the full list on their website.

Payment at brick-and-mortars can be done right in the Ibotta app. Then to redeem your cash back for in-store retailers, upload the receipt to the app. You’ll get your cash back within 24 hours.


5. InboxDollars

  • Pros: Can earn $1 per referral, 30% on referral earnings, some survey opportunities pay $10 to $20, deposits into PayPal or in virtual gift cards
  • Cons: Most surveys pay $0.10 to $0.50, $15 minimum cash-out the first time

InboxDollars has been around since 2000, even longer than FusionCash. With that being said, they have a great reputation for paying users efficiently. More than $80 million has been paid out to InboxDollars users over the years.

Aside from watching ads for money, you can also take surveys, play games, read emails, earn grocery shopping rewards, and get cash back while online shopping.

It’s free to sign up, and you can earn anywhere from $0.10 to $0.50 taking a survey. However, you can really make bank if you fit into a specific demographic high-paying brands are looking for. If you qualify (for whatever it is they need), you could be paid as much as $10 to $20 per survey.

The minimum cash-out is $15 the first time; every cash-out after that can be $10 or more. These payments can either be deposited into your PayPal or be paid out in virtual gift cards. It’s up to you.

InboxDollars also has a referral program. For each referral made (up to five total), you’ll earn $1. For qualified earnings made by your referrals, you’ll get 30%.


6. iRazoo

  • Pros: 13+, variety of videos, payment options, different ways to get paid
  • Cons: Unclear how much referral incentive is

On iRazoo, there are more than 50 different channels of video ads, so there are plenty of options to choose from. These don’t just include ad-ads; you might also find yourself watching TV shows, movie trailers, and/or how-to cooking videos.

The way you get paid is up to you. You can choose to get paid through gift cards (Starbucks, iTunes, Amazon etc) or through cold hard cash (via PayPal).

In addition to watching videos (not just ads!), you can make money playing games, taking surveys, and downloading apps. You also accrue points for referring friends.

When you’re ready to get started, you’ll earn 100 points simply for signing up with your email address. Moreover, you even earn points by reading iRazoo’s emails and entering promo codes.


7. GrabPoints

  • Pros: Variety of ways to earn, gift cards and cash payouts available, $3 minimum cash-out, payout in 48 hours
  • Cons: Only $0.15 per referral and only after referral earns first $1

Watch TV, answer surveys, download apps, and complete offers with GrabPoints to make money online. That “money” can come in the form of gift cards or cash — it’s your choice. Money gets deposited into your PayPal while gift card options include Visa, Amazon, Walmart, and more.

Through a live feed, you can see how much money different people earned in the same day (although, they’re only identified with ID numbers, of course). The feed even shows you what the ID number did to earn that money. That includes which survey they took (brand included) or the $0.15 referral payout. (Speaking of that very low referral payout, you only get it once your referral earns their first $1.)

Most people agree $50 a month working one hour per day is the norm. Users usually earn $1 per 10- to 15-minute survey.


8. KashKick

  • Pros: Variety of ways to make money, high pay, $1 bonus upon completing profile, $10 payout minimum
  • Cons: 18+, only available in three countries and the U.K., no app

KashKick might just be one of the most lucrative GPT there is in that the payouts can be rather high in comparison to other sites. Just upon signing on and looking things over, we saw offers that pay anywhere from $2 to $100.

But don’t expect to make that much that quickly. Most users report making $0.75 on their first 5-minute survey. After that, survey payouts go up to an average of $2.

It’s primarily a survey site, but offers some ad-watching opportunities, too. Users in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the U.K. are eligible to use KashKick.

Other offers — like playing mobile games, signing up for services, and shopping online — can earn you more. These rewards usually have payouts from $1 – $40.

KashKick matches you to gigs based on your demographic information (which you input upon creating a profile), but once you get a notification that an offer is available, you have to take it immediately or it expires.



9. MyPoints

  • Pros: 13+, $10 sign-up bonus, only GPT to offer travel miles as payment, been around the longest, option to “play Bingo” with offers and take polls
  • Cons: Low point-to-cent ratio

It’s all in the name. Earn your points first and foremost by signing up for MyPoints, which will get you a $10 bonus. Plus, MyPoints is one of the oldest GPT sites around, launched in 1996.

You have to be 13 or older to sign up. Choose to be paid in either PayPal cash, gift cards, or even travel miles. Plus, you can accrue points by donating to certain causes or charities.

MyPoints offers a variety of video content, so it’s not just boring ads all day. You might find things like entertainment gossip or coverage of red carpet events. Other ways to get paid include earning up to 20 points in cash back (for both grocery shopping and online shopping), up to 2,200 points per survey, and up to 4 points per game played.

Check out their Magic Receipts feature. You add what items you want or need to buy to your list. (Note: Each individual item is worth its own amount of points, so some items are worth more than others.) When you buy the items from your list, scan the receipt proving you bought them, then redeem your points.

However, MyPoints doesn’t seem to be very lucrative in terms of pay. One MyPoints point is estimated to be equivalent to about $0.006, so you’ll be working ’round the clock to accrue enough to redeem.


10. Nielsen

  • Pros: Get paid for using devices as you normally would, additional scratch-off and game opportunities
  • Cons: 18+, app only, limit to only $60/yr, data collection

Unfortunately, for those who want to work from their desktop or laptop computer, Nielsen doesn’t work via web browser. This GPT site is app-only; however there is downloadable software you can install on your computer so you don’t always have to use your phone.

However, if you’re a phone-aholic, Nielsen’s app-only structure might just work in your favor. Once you download the Nielsen app, use your phone as you normally do. When you use your devices to watch TV or browse online, Nielsen collects the data. Now, before you freak out about the data collection of it all, we get it — it’s not for everyone. But you should know: Nielsen never collects content, IDs, passwords, or any other form of personal information.

So if you’re doing what you normally would do anyway, how well can it pay? Not a ton. Nielsen app users can unlock up to $60 in rewards per year. That $60 can be redeemed through either PayPal or gift cards to retailers like Amazon and Walmart.


11. PrizeRebel

  • Pros: Low payout minimum, referral payouts starting at 20%
  • Cons: 18+, only available in English, tier system to work up

You must be 18+ to take advantage of PrizeRebel, a website that’s paid $25 million to their 12 million users since they launched in 2007. After their legitimacy, the first thing you’ll notice about this GPT site is that you can cash out with as little as $2 in your account.

Signing up with PrizeRebel is free, and it conveniently allows you to log in through your Facebook or Gmail account. And while it’s available in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the U.K., PrizeRebel’s surveys are only available in English, unfortunately, narrowing down the audience that can use the site.

Unlike other GPTs, PrizeRebel works in tiers — Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

  • Bronze: It takes 0 points to get to bronze, there are 0 bonus points, and the referral package you incur is 20%.
  • Silver: You require 1,000 points to graduate to Silver; still get no bonus points, but your referral percentage upgrades to 25%.
  • Gold: For this, you need 4,500 points, and you get a points bonus of 1%. Gold members also get to enjoy automatic prize processing; the referral package is still 25%.
  • Platinum: Platinum requires 10,000 points and offers a points bonus of 2%. You still get automatic prize processing and a referral package of 25%.
  • Diamond: Members require 16,000 points to get to this tier, and they incur a points bonus of 3%. Automatic prize processing is also guaranteed to Diamond members, plus the referral package rises to 30%.

Payment goes through by way of gift cards including Amazon, Visa, Google Play, and PayPal cash.


12. QuickRewards

  • Pros: Lowest payout minimum, variety of ways to earn, 50+ ways to redeem payments
  • Cons: 18+, payout minimum higher for PayPal payments, no app

QuickRewards has one of the lowest payout minimums ever to grace a GPT — $0.01. But it is indeed legit.

There’s a lot of variety to the ways you can earn money with QuickRewards. These include watching videos, taking surveys, reading emails, taking part in online tasks, and shopping online.

Like most other websites, QuickRewards can send payments through PayPal, but you also have 50 other ways to redeem. And while you technically can withdraw as little as $0.01, that’s only if you use PayPal. If you’re getting paid via gift card, that minimum payout goes up to $5.

So how worthwhile is it to use QuickRewards? Anecdotal evidence suggests that 100 points with QuickPoints is equivalent to about $0.01. Whether it’s worth it depends on how much time you want to dedicate to it and how efficient you find the payout to be.



13. Swagbucks

  • Pros: 13+, $10 sign-up bonus, listed earnings, 10% commission on referral’s lifetime points
  • Cons: Low pay rate, web extension only works in Chrome

To start with Swagbucks, sign up with either your Gmail or Apple account and get a $10 sign-up bonus. Similar to other GPT sites, Swagbucks pays cash back with PayPal or through gift cards.

Though that $10 sign-up bonus seems like a great offer, it’s worth noting that it used to be $20. We’re not sure what changed for Swagbucks, but that sign-up bonus has certainly dwindled significantly.

Swagbucks is one of the more popular GPT options, but one of their downfalls is that they pay more for things like surveys and less for ad-watching.

Before you commit to watching an ad, Swagbucks tells you up front how much you’ll earn. While the points-to-money ratio isn’t high (maybe $0.01 per 1 point at best), it still could be worthwhile if you’re just looking for a low-maintenance way to make a couple of extra bucks.

For convenience, use their personal search engine. As you use it (as you normally would use Google or any other search engine), you accrue money. Install the Swagbucks browser extension, and for each day you use the search engine, you’ll gross 1 Swagbucks Point. If you find yourself on a site that has Swagbucks Points available, the extension will let you know. However, the extension only works in Chrome. Sorry, Safari users!


14. Viggle

  • Pros: Easy and convenient, earn one point per minute you’re checked into a show or song
  • Cons: Non-monetary payment, data collection, low points-to-money ratio

To earn points on Viggle, you have to spend a certain amount of time watching TV or listening to music. Points can be “cashed in” for gift cards, online shopping discounts, electronics, or merchandise, but not for money.

Like Nielsen, Viggle works similarly in that they track how you’re using your smartphone and sell that data to advertisers. Again, this business structure isn’t for everyone, especially if you continuously opt out of data tracking in your app settings. But if you’re willing to play the game a bit (because in many cases, this kind of lead-generation is happening anyway), at least you’ll be making some kind of profit off of it.

It also has one of the smallest payoffs on this list. One cent is equivalent to anywhere from 30 to 35 points. Then again, in terms of determining if it’s worthwhile, you’re using your phone anyway, so we wouldn’t blame anyone for at least “getting paid” to do it.


15. You-Cubez

  • Pros: Lets you promote your website or business, low payout minimums
  • Cons: 16+, tier system, only 15% commission

You-Cubez has sent more than 20,000 payments since they first came to be in 2007. On this platform you can earn by completing surveys, watching videos, and viewing websites. The latter option allows you to promote your own biz (advertising!). Just submit your website to be viewed for YouCubez; then others can view it to make their own money. That means your website could get in front of YouCubez’s almost 1 million viewers.

There’s nothing like getting paid to self-promote!

You-Cubez also offers a referral program that gives you a 15% commission on any successful referrals. Like PrizeRebel, they also work in tiers, which means that you make different amounts and have minimum payout amounts based on your membership level.

Depending on your membership, minimum payouts could be anywhere from $2 to $8. Both are relatively small payout minimums. It pays via PayPal, and in addition to viewing ads for money, you can also earn by taking online surveys.


16. ySense

  • Pros: 13+, High return on referrals, immediate payouts, immediate payout, other opportunities to make money
  • Cons: Low payout per ad, disabled pop-ups required

All you need to make money watching ads on ySense, once known as ClixSense, is your phone. You’ll have to specifically head over to their vertical called ySense Watch. There are plenty of other opportunities to make money through ySense, like taking surveys, signing up for websites, downloading apps, and testing out games.

The payout for ySense is pretty small. Think: $0.02 to $0.03 per video card. You’ll also have to disable pop-ups (through in order for ySense videos to work. After the video there’s anywhere from seven to 10 steps you’ll have to take in order to get your payout.

How you earn your payout (in most cases) is to stay on a certain page of content for a given amount of time. For example, when you open a link, there will be a video and then a timer. When the timer reaches 0:00, then you’ve officially completed the task.

After that, you immediately get credited with the money earned in your ySense account.

When it comes to referrals, ySense offers the highest return: 30% of what your referrals make once they use your referral code and start making $$$.

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