I’ll admit it — I never serve homemade pumpkin pie during the holidays. Props to you if you do.

If you’re like me and plan on serving a ready-made, store-bought pie during the big meal, try one of these easy hacks to transform a boring pie into something special.


1. Bake shapes cut from pre-made pie dough and place them on a cooked pie.

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper for easy cleanup, or just spray a pan with non-stick cooking spray. Use cookie cutters to create shapes in pre-made pie crust.

Then, make an egg wash by beating an egg with a spoonful of water. Brush the egg wash on top of the cutouts before baking for a finished shine.

In a 425˚ oven, bake the cutouts until golden and firm — about 10 minutes. Let them cool before placing on your pie.


2. Add chocolate Magic Shell topping for some crunch.


3. Top a whole pie with pre-made caramel sauce and chopped pecans.


4. Dip pie bites in melted chocolate.

Stick dipped pieces in the fridge to harden before serving.


5. Top pies with easy homemade maple whipped cream.

Beat 1 cup whipping cream with ¼ cup maple syrup until stiff peaks form and top pies.


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6. Brûlée a store-bought pie in your oven for a sugary top crust.

Move your oven rack so it’s just below the broiler, and heat your oven until it’s super hot.

To prevent burning the crust on your already-cooked pie, cover the edges with foil. Then, sprinkle a thin layer of sugar (about 2 Tbsp) on top of the pie, and place in the heated oven until the sugar begins to caramelize. Turn the pie for even browning.

After about one minute under the broiler, remove the pie from the oven and let it set so the topping hardens.


7. Have a toppings bar.

Set out a buffet of whipped cream, caramel sauce, crushed cookies (OREOS work great!), pecan pieces, coconut flakes and nuts.



8. Layer chopped pieces of pie with whipped cream.


9. Use a potato peeler to make chocolate peels for garnish.


10. Use a biscuit cutter to make mini pies.

Spray the inside and outside of a biscuit cutter or round cookie cutter with nonstick cooking spray before cutting straight into your ready-made pumpkin pie (HINT: Costco pumpkin pies work really well with this tip).

Gently slide the pie out by using a knife or spoon to tap the outside of the cutter. Top mini pies with whipped cream and enjoy!


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10 Amazing Ways to Hack a Store-Bought Pumpkin Pie