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17 Genius Tips to Get Little Caesars Deals and Coupons

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Little Caesars Pizza is famous for being fast and cheap, so why do we care about Little Caesar’s promo codes and coupons? Because free pizza is better than cheap pizza. There are plenty of ways to grab some Little Caesars deals and get the best pretzel pizza for your money.

And if you’re looking for pizza coupons when you just want to cook at home, then we’ve got you covered there, too.


1. Download the Little Caesars app to score free Little Caesars crazy bread or soda.

Every few months Little Caesars runs a promo for a free order of Little Caesars crazy bread or a free two-liter soda with an in-app purchase.

Want to know what the best apps for free food and coupons are? We’ve got you covered.


2. Get Little Caesars coupons sent to your inbox by creating an account.

You won’t get coupons just for signing up, but you will get offers from time to time.

Recently we’ve seen a Little Caesars promo code for $2 off your order of a Bacon Wrapped Deep Dish pizza and a free 2-liter soda with any online purchase.

Make sure you also follow the Krazy Coupon Lady Dining Deals page to get the latest and greatest Little Caesars deals even if you don’t get an email.


3. Try using the phrase, “Pizza! Pizza!” during pickup and you might just get some free Little Caesars crazy bread.

This gimmick for free Little Caesars crazy bread used to be standard, but the chain has pretty much done away with the freebie. Some managers in some stores will still (unofficially) honor it, though, so we say it’s worth a shot!

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4. Look for a Little Caesars free pizza coupon from new stores in your neighborhood.

We can’t guarantee it, but some Little Caesars franchises like to announce their arrival with free pizza coupons. Free pizza is my favorite pizza.

Psst… we have a month-to-month guide on getting food freebies if you don’t want to wait for Little Caesars deals.



5. Get a free $5 Lunch Combo on Veterans Day if you served in the armed forces.

Every Veterans Day Little Caesars offers all veterans and active-duty military a free $5 Lunch Combo, which comes with a personal-sized deep dish pepperoni pizza and a 20 oz. soda. There isn’t a Little Caesars promo code for this deal, so you’ll need to head to the restaurant with your military or veterans i.d.

There are tons of Veterans Day deals out there, but this is one that you can pick up and save for later, so we say go for it even if you plan to snag another free lunch that day.

But If you’re looking for freebies on National Pizza Day, skip Little Caesars. There are a lot of major chains that offer deals and freebies on National Pizza Day, but so far Little Caesars hasn’t been one of them.


6. Customize your Little Caesar’s pizza to save money.

The 3 Meat Treat is $9 and comes with pepperoni, sausage and bacon.

To get it for just $8, you’ll need to start with the $5 classic pepperoni, then add sausage and bacon at $1.50 each, making the total just $8 instead of $9.

Or maybe you want a veggie pizza, but mushrooms aren’t your thing? Normally you’d order the veggie pizza without them, but you’d still be paying $10 for three toppings. If you build a custom pizza with onions, peppers and black olives, the total for three toppings is $9.50.


7. Get extra flavor for free by asking them to put the crust topping on the entire pizza.

That crust flavor you love on Little Caesars pizza? Yeah, they’ll put that on the entire pizza for you. You’re welcome.

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8. Don’t assume Little Caesars will take all of your Little Caesars coupons — every store is different.

Little Caesars is a franchise, which means that every store has a different owner. All Little Caesars coupons, Little Caesars deals and Little Caesars promo codes are dependent on an individual store’s owner and manager — they aren’t universal.

Read the fine print — it will say what locations accept the coupon. And if all else fails, ask if your store will take the coupon anyway. Store managers have been known to make exceptions to keep your business.


9. You can’t make any modifications when you order online, so call or walk in with any special requests.

The only way to pick what goes on your pizza in an online or Little Caesars app order is to build your own custom pizza. If you want to customize anything from a regular menu item, you’ll need to call or go in store.


10. Want a pizza that hasn’t been sitting in the warmer? Order a half cheese, half pepperoni and they’ll make it fresh.

Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready cheese and pepperoni pizzas are just $5, but they can sit there for a half an hour or more before they “expire” and an employee has to remove them. If you want to make sure yours is fresh without paying extra, just order a half cheese, half pepperoni. You’ll pay the same amount and it’s guaranteed fresh.


11. Give your feedback and you could get free food.

Fill out the Little Caesars Listens form and you might get free pizza. We picked up our carryout order and it was cold, twice. We politely let them know and they sent us a free pizza coupon.



12. Watch out for national freebies during long-shot sporting events.

Don’t like sports? Hear me out: Little Caesars likes to place bets on sporting events when there’s only a tiny chance an event might occur during the game.

In the past they’ve offered a free $5 Lunch Combo should a specific driver win a NASCAR race and a free $5 Lunch Combo during NBA Championships if a #16-seeded team were to beat a #1-seeded team in a “crazy, unexpected victory.”

Every time they make an offer it’s “until supplies last,” so if the unexpected happens, get to Little Caesars quick!

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13. Use the Little Caesars Pizza Portal and skip the people.

The Pizza Portal is for those of us who would like our pizza without ever having to see or speak to another human.

Here’s how it works:

Order your pizza online or through the Little Caesars app. They’ll send you an email and a push notification on your phone when your pizza is ready. You’ll get a four-digit code and a QR code, either of which you can use to pick up your pizza from the Pizza Portal.

No waiting in line. No talking to people. It’s a dream.


14. Or get free Little Caesars delivery with a DoorDash promo.


via eater

Little Caesars famously doesn’t offer pizza delivery — which is part of how their entire menu stays so cheap. But sometimes a girl doesn’t wanna leave her house, ya know?

Enter DoorDash, a company who offers delivery from certain restaurants for a $6-8 fee, depending on your location and the restaurant you’re ordering from.

DoorDash runs promos most months, so look for anything from 25% off your delivery fee to free delivery on your first order.

Little Caesars also partners with GrubHub with a delivery fee between $4 and $8 and a 15% service charge.


15. Make your Crazy Bread vegan by nixing the parmesan and butter.

It’s hard to have a dietary restriction and eat fast food! If you need a vegan option, order a crazy bread combo, and have them hold the butter and parmesan. Vegan and delicious.


16. Just don’t look for gluten-free crust — it isn’t a thing at Little Caesars.

Little Caesars is the only major pizza chain that doesn’t offer a single gluten-free option on their menu.

If you’re into special diets, then you should know that there is a test market for “Impossible Supreme Pizza,” a plant-based version of meaty pizzas that taste like the real thing. But right now you can only get it in New Mexico, Florida and Washington State.



17. Get a job at Little Caesars to get a free pizza every shift.

Every franchise has different rules about the free pizza perk for employees. You can typically count on eating free at least once during your shift, but some locations will let you take a pizza home, too.


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