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Dunkin Has a New Rewards Program — and Uh Oh, Here's What's Different

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Not just a purveyor of donuts, scores of customers rely on Dunkin for a hot (or iced!) coffee every single day. In 2019 the chain implemented DD Perks, a loyalty program in which accumulated points on qualifying purchases would eventually result in a free beverage of any size. Now, the store is changing things up, replacing the DD Perks program with the all-new Dunkin Rewards.

One loyalty program replaces another loyalty program. It should be a smooth transition, right? Well, not exactly. Dunkin Rewards still awards qualifying purchases with points, but there are already customers crying fowl on the new setup.

Let’s take a deep dive into Dunkin’s new program, and find out if it’s still offering as much bang for your buck.

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How is Dunkin Rewards different from DD Perks?

Two phones being held next to each other, one displaying the old Dunkin DD Perks app and the other displaying the new Dunkin Rewards app.

For starters, whereas DD Perks offered 5 points for every $1 spent on a qualifying purchase, Dunkin Rewards provides 10 points for each $1 spent. At first glance, this sounds great. That’s double the points for the same amount of money spent. But wait, here’s the problem.

With DD Perks, customers could earn a free beverage of any size as soon as they hit 200 points, meaning $40 spent at Dunkin equated to a reward. With Dunkin Rewards, however, the benefits aren’t so cut and dry. The new program operates on a tiered rewards system. You can start receiving free menu items with just 150 points earned (that is just $15 spent); however, it isn’t going to be a beverage of any size. Womp, womp.

Just to give you a few quick examples, it’s 500 points for a hot coffee ($50 spent) and a whopping 700 points for a cold brew or Dunkin refresher ($70 spent). This feels … not so great in terms of rewards.

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Is Dunkin Rewards still worth it?

If you really do run on Dunkin (like their advertising says), then the answer is a yes. Customers who love the brand’s coffee will still benefit from the new program. In fact, Dunkin corporate says Dunkin Rewards is a response to fans of the chain who want the option of earning free food. With this arrangement, you can redeem points for donuts, hash browns, bagels, breakfast sandwiches, and more.

There’s also an opportunity to stack your points to redeem multiple items in a single transaction. The result? You actually could eventually score an entirely free meal at Dunkin



What is the new points value for different menu items?

Two donuts on a napkin, some sugar packets, two coffees, and two Dunkin bags sitting on a table inside Dunkin.

To break down how much you’ll have to spend to earn enough points for various Dunkin menu items, we break it down for you.

150 points ($15 spent)

  • One espresso shot added to a drink (reg. $0.99)
  • 3-count MUNCHKINS® Donut Hole Treats (reg. $0.90)
  • 6-count hash browns (reg. $1.39)

250 points ($25 spent)

  • One classic donut (reg. $1.29)

400 points ($40 spent)

  • Small, medium, or large hot or iced tea (up to $2.25)

500 points ($50 spent)

  • Small, medium, or large hot or iced coffee (up to $3.19)

600 points ($60 spent)

  • Free Wake-Up Wrap® with or without meat (up to $2.59)
  • Bagel with spread (reg. $2.89)

700 points ($70 spent)

  • Free small, medium or large hot or iced, espresso (up to $3.29)
  • Free Cold Brew or Cold Brew with Cold Foam (reg. $4.09)
  • Dunkin Refresher (up to $3.29)

800 points ($80 spent)

  • Breakfast sandwich with your choice of meat, egg, cheese, and bread (up to $5.19)

900 points ($90 spent)

  • Any size frozen drink (up to $5.29)
  • Any size Signature Latte, hot or iced (reg. $4.99)


Spend your Dunkin Rewards points when you hit 150 points for the best cash-back value.

A white mini van pulling up to a Dunkin drive thru.

Not all rewards are created equally. If you want to make the most out of your Dunkin Rewards account, you should always use your rewards when you hit the 150 tier since you’ll earn a maximum 9.3% cash-back value.

Here’s the maximum you can earn with each tier:

  • 150 points: 9.3% cash-back value
  • 250 points: 5.2% cash-back value
  • 400 points: 5.6% cash-back value
  • 500 points: 6.4% cash-back value
  • 600 points: 4.8% cash-back value
  • 700 points: 5.8% cash-back value
  • 800 points: 6.5% cash-back value
  • 900 points: 5.9% cash-back value


Starbucks Rewards will get you more cash-back value than Dunkin Rewards.

person holding a large starbucks hot beverage in store

The best cash-back value you can get with Starbucks Rewards is 15% when you use their 50-star tier. Which makes Starbucks Rewards almost 6% better than Dunkin Rewards.

We know every Starbucks vs. Dunkin Donuts comparison you should know.


No more free birthday drink. Dunkin Rewards will only get you 3x points.

Someone holding the pumpkin spice latte in front of the dunkin' donuts store front.

In the past, you could get a free coffee drink of your choice (up to a $6 value). Not anymore. Now you’ll only get triple points on your birthday through Dunkin Rewards.

Which makes this reward one of our least favorite birthday rewards. But we know all the best birthday rewards to help you celebrate your day.


What is Booster Status?

For the real Dunkin die-hards, there’s an opportunity to earn rewards faster. If you visit 12 times in a single calendar month, your Booster Status will unlock. This means you start earning 12 points per $1 spent (instead of the typical 10 points) for three months.


Are they kicking off the program with any specials?

A graphic of three phones, each showing a different exclusive offer on the new Dunkin Rewards app

To cozy up to the customers bummed about the end of DD Perks, Dunkin is offering 150 points just for signing on to the Dunkin ewards. Some extras during the month of October to celebrate the launch include:

  • Earn FREE 10-count MUNCHKINS® Donut Hole Treats or Bagel Minis with any full-priced medium or larger beverage purchase.
  • Earn 2X points on Donuts, MUNCHKINS ® Donut Hole Treats, and Espresso drinks.
  • Mobile Mondays: Earn 100 bonus points when you order ahead on the Dunkin app on Mondays.
  • Members with Boosted Status will earn 2X points on beverages and breakfast sandwiches.

Additionally, starting Oct. 12, Dunkin Rewards members can earn a free breakfast sandwich with any full-priced medium or larger beverage purchase. This offer and those listed above are good through Oct. 31.

You can join Dunkin Rewards now at .



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