Whether you’re looking for Disney princess dolls, clothing, or Mickey ears, the magic of Disney doesn’t have to break the bank with these money-saving tips:


1. Check the Disney Store’s Special Offers to get BOGO 50% off on authentic items outside a Disney Park.

If you’re looking for “official” Disney Park items and can’t visit the actual park or a Disney Store, visit shopdisney.com

. The website has hundreds of exclusive items you can only find online or at a Disney Park.

The special offers section

of the site offers deals like buy one get one 50% off T-shirts, and $3.95 off plush toys when you buy two or more.


2. Buy Mickey Mouse ears at JCPenney, Amazon or Target before your Disney vacation to save up to $20 each.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears go for $14.99-$24.99 inside Disney Parks or on shopDisney.com

. If you want to save between $10-$20/set, buy them online from JCPenney, Amazon or Target before your trip.

  • JCPenney: Disney Collection Minnie Mouse Ears: $5.00
  • Target: Disney Mickey Mouse Headband: $5.99
  • Amazon: Minnie Mouse Sparkle Ears: $6.19

TIP: Want to snag yourself a pair of the coveted (but rare) Rose Gold Minnie Mouse ears, but don’t want to spend $125 on eBay? Check out Etsy for lookalikes under $25.00.


3. Save up to 75% purchasing Disney character apparel from Walmart.

Walmart offers Disney-branded clothing for up to 75% less than shopDisney.com

or Disney Store locations.

While Walmart’s apparel may be cheaper, items are made specifically for Walmart so they may also be lower quality. But, you can find a Girls’ Star Wars T-shirt for just $5.88, a Boys’ Pirates of the Caribbean shirt for $3.50, and Frozen dresses for just $10.50 at Walmart. To compare, one Girls’ T-shirt from shopDisney.com will cost at least $16.95.


4. Order Disney Princess dolls from Amazon Prime to save $5.95 in Disney Store shipping.

The Disney Store has no free shipping option, meaning no matter how much you spend, you’ll still pay at least $5.95 for shipping.

Amazon carries official Disney-branded clothing, accessories and toys that all qualify for free two-day shipping with your Amazon Prime membership. Plus, prices are the same or better than shopDisney.com


Moana Singing 11-inch Doll

  • Amazon: $35.94
  • shopDisney.com: $39.95

Classic Elsa 11-inch Doll with Olaf Figurine

  • Amazon: $16.95
  • shopDisney.com: $16.95

Ariel Classic Wedding 11-inch Doll

  • Amazon: $15.94
  • shopDisney.com: $16.95


5. Use your JCPenney Rewards to purchase official Disney Store toys.

The Disney Store partners with JCPenney to offer some of the same toys, clothes and prices you’d find at the Disney Store. Which means if you don’t have a Disney Store in your area (Idaho, we’re looking at you!), you can hit up JCPenney instead.

You can use your JCPenney Rewards to pay, plus, get free same-day pickup on in-stock items.



6. Use your Old Navy Super Cash to buy Disney apparel.

Old Navy lets you buy Disney apparel with your Super Cash. You can get up to 50% off, on top of Old Navy’s sale prices — which means you can get everyone shirts before your Disney vacation for under $20.


7. Wait until Disney’s Jumping Beans line at Kohl’s is on clearance.

Disney makes a Jumping Beans line of kids’ clothing just for Kohl’s, and you can buy it using your Kohl’s Cash, plus coupon codes, even when it’s on clearance.

The catch? Retail prices are almost as high as the Disney Store, ranging from $10-$22 for a shirt. But, if you wait until it goes on clearance, you can find Disney apparel for under $10, and stack with current coupon codes for more savings. Otherwise, don’t bother.


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8. Get up to 75% off Disney Park merchandise at the Disney Character Warehouse
in Orlando.

Image: Chipandco

Ever wondered where Disney Park merchandise goes once it ends its run in the store? Select items are distributed across the country to Disney Outlet Stores, but most of the merchandise is sent to the two Disney’s Character Warehouse stores in Orlando, Florida.

You can’t shop these outlets online, but you can (and should) buy your souvenirs here instead of inside Disney World to save some cash.


9. Use a personalized in-store video to tell your kids they’re going on a Disney vacation.

image: DIS

One of the Cast Members at my Disney Store told me that if it’s a special day like a birthday, or you want to announce your Disney trip to your kids, you can call your local store two to three days before your shopping trip, and they’ll have a free personalized video to share with your kids under the pavilion.


10. “Unlock the Magic” and get a keepsake key when you help open your Disney Store

Image: Linkedin

Be the first person in line when your Disney Store location opens each morning. A Cast Member will let you (or your child) be in charge of “unlocking the magic.”

Use a giant key to “unlock” the giant lock in front of the doors, which triggers a digital fireworks show on the ceiling of the store. Plus, you get a free keepsake key!


11. Disney Store
employees get four free Disney Park passes every year.

Work as a Disney Cast Member at a Disney Store

for at least 60 days, and get two free tickets to Disney Parks twice a year. Cast Members also get 20% off Disney merchandise and 40-60% off Disney resorts and hotels.


12. Get a $100 credit with the Disney Visa credit card
after your first purchase.


also get 10% off at the Disney Store and shopDisney.com
, as well as card member exclusives like character photo opps and Disney Park events.

Earn 2% back in Disney Rewards Dollars on purchases at gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants and most Disney locations, plus 1% back on all your other purchases.

Redeem your Disney Rewards Dollars to get discounts on Disney Parks, Disney resorts, shopping and dining, Disney cruises, Disney movies in the box office, Disney Store or shopDisney.com purchases and even airplane tickets.



13. Get up to 60% off during the Disney Store’s
semi-annual Twice Upon a Year Sale.

The best time to shop Disney is during the semi-annual Twice Upon a Year Sale, which starts at the end of May (between May 28-30) and the day after Christmas (December 26th) and lasts for two weeks. You get up to 60% off retail prices in-store and at shopDisney.com


It’s the best discount of the year, so wait out the Black Friday sales at the Disney Store, and buy during the Twice Upon a Year Sale instead.


14. Binge watch Disney movies on Netflix and Hulu before they disappear in 2019.

Disney is launching their own subscription service (similar to Netflix and Hulu) in 2019, which means they’ll be pulling all Disney titles from other subscription services.

This means movies titles from Disney, Marvel, and Pixar will disappear from Netflix and Hulu by 2019, so watch them all while you still can!


15. Get four Disney movies for just $1.00 each when you join the Disney Movie Club.

Get four of Disney’s most popular movies for just $1.00 (plus free shipping) when you join the Disney Movie Club.

Then, every four weeks you’ll get an email letting you know which movie will be available that month, including classics from Disney, Pixar and Marvel. You can skip any movie you want, but you can’t cancel your club membership until you buy at least five movies at regular price (starting at $19.95). If you cancel too soon, you’ll get charged the full cost of your introductory movies.


16. Buy items with the “Authentic Original” logo if you’re looking for the real deal.

There are thousands of souvenirs that can only be found at Disney Parks, including apparel, collectibles, seasonal items, food and more. Look for items with an “Authentic Original” label, which means it’s exclusive to Disney Parks.

If you’re not planning a park visit anytime soon, you can still find these exclusives through the Shop Disney Parks app (iOS only).


17. Get up to 75% off retail prices at a Disney Outlet Store

Disney Outlet prices will be up to 50% cheaper than the Disney Store, but check the clearance section first for up to 75% off.

Like other outlet stores, Disney Outlets

have their own products made specifically for the outlet, mixed with items that came directly from the Disney Park or Disney Store. Look for that “Authentic Original” logo to ensure you’re getting the real deal.


18. Use your REDCard to save 5% on Disney gift cards from Target.

Then, use these gift cards at shopDisney.com

, any Disney Store location, or inside Disney Parks to buy food, souvenirs, or anything else you have your eye on.


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19. Find Disney-branded Coach
, Le Creuset
or Rag & Bone
online or inside a Disney Park.

Disney partners with high-end brands like Coach

, Le Creuset
, Rag & Bone
, Spyder and more to sell fancier products for adult Disney fans — not just their kids. Buy Mickey Mouse-theme Coach purses
, Le Creuset
slow cookers, and more online or in a Disney Park.


20. Get free Disney printables and games on the Disney Channel website.

If you’re looking for free Disney entertainment, just hop on the Disney Channel website for character-themed games like Cars Lightning League.


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