Target is gearing up for a big holiday shopping season, and to make shopping easier, they’ve introduced a bunch of new ways to make the in-store experience faster, less crowded, and more convenient.

If you’re planning to shop Target Black Friday — which lasts all November this year — you’ll want to know about these newly introduced shopping hacks.

Here’s what you need to know:


1. Target lets you skip the checkout line and buy on the sales floor.

Target’s MyCheckout app has given store associates the ability to scan or search for items and check out — right from the sales floor.

In the run-up to the holidays, Target is rolling out another 1,000 MyCheckout devices, so even more customers can skip the checkout line.

Bonus: Customers can ask Target employees to search MyCheckout for specific products. If the store doesn’t have the item, associates can place an online order to have it shipped to the customer’s home.


2. Is there a line at your store? ‘Save your spot’ online to get in.

In order to practice social distancing, Target has limited the number of shoppers inside of their stores.

Sometimes, that means there are lines stretching outside — something you might count on as Black Friday sales ramp up.

Visit to find out if there’s a line at your store. If there is, you click “Save your spot,” and Target will hold a place in line at that store.


3. You no longer have to use the hand scanner at self-checkout — payments are totally contact-free.

When you’re done scanning your items, you no longer have to grab the hand scanner to use the Target Wallet payment option at checkout.

Instead, just scan your Wallet barcode the same way you scanned products to finish checkout.



4. Target has doubled their Drive Up pickup spots.

There are a lot of reasons why we think Target Drive Up is a pretty great option for shoppers, and now Target is doubling down on Pickup.

Target will be doubling their Drive Up pickup spots — about 8,000 more spots nationwide.


5. Drive Up is now truly contactless.

You’d have to roll down your window and let an associate scan a barcode on your phone to get your Drive Up order; now, you just have to hold your phone up to a closed car window so the employee can see your personal ID number.


6. You can switch your order between Drive Up and Pickup using the app.

Sometimes, you can’t make it during your Drive Up time slot. Or maybe you had planned to go into Target to get your Pickup order but now want to stay in the car.

Either way, if your plans change, Target lets you switch your order between Order Pickup and Drive Up using the Target app. You can even change it up while you’re on your way to Target.


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