If you’re looking to get a quick exam or a new pair of contacts or glasses on the cheap, you might want to take a look at Walmart eye care. As if this mega store doesn’t play in enough spaces, now they want to take care of your eyes, along with your car, your clothes, your food, your pets, etc. But to be honest, when it comes to contacts nobody can compete with the Walmart Vision Center. I’ll show you why.

Here are your best three options when it comes to Walmart’s eye care offerings:

  1. Go to a Walmart Vision Center to get an eye glass exam.
  2. Order contacts online through WalmartContacts.com.
  3. Order basic readers online through Walmart.com.

Here’s everything you need to know about Walmart eye care.

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1. Buy multiple boxes of Walmart contacts online and save $10.

Your best option is to order multiple boxes from WalmartContacts.com. My favorite brand of contacts was $10 off just for buying multiple boxes, which made them cheaper than the Walmart Vision Center sells them.

Plus, WalmartContacts.com prices beat out competitors like America’s Best and Walgreens. But even when they don’t have the lowest price, that doesn’t matter because…


2. Price match contacts online with Walmart and save $70 or more.

Walmart price match is a good way to grab a lower price from competitors online, and you can do it through WalmartContacts.com as well. They’ll price match online orders, but the competitor’s total price has to include processing and shipping fees.

You can either call (800) 741-5367 or include a link to the cheaper contacts in the “Coupon Codes” field of your order. I recommend just calling.

You can do your price match within seven days of your order.

Here’s an example of how to save $70 on contacts at Walmart:


3. Walmart eye exams for glasses are $7 cheaper than Target.

An eye exam for glasses only from the Walmart Vision Center will cost around $73 without insurance, whereas Target Optical exams cost an average of $80 and up, plus they charge extra for a digital retinal imaging fee. Both Walmart’s and Target’s exam costs vary from state to state (trust me, I made some calls), but basic eye exams were cheaper at Walmart.


4. …But you might want to check out America’s Best for glasses and exams anyways.

Walmart might trump Target when it comes to exams, but it’s tough to compete with the deals America’s Best has. For example, right now they’re offering two pairs of glasses and a free eye exam for $70 without insurance. In comparison, the cheapest glasses and lenses Walmart offers are $69 alone, not including an exam.


5. Do your exams through your eye doctor and order contacts through WalmartContacts.com.

Walmart Vision Center requires a special exam if you wear contacts, which cost around $105. This cost does go up around $20 if you have an astigmatism. But, you don’t have to get an eye exam at Walmart Vision Center in order to purchase contacts through WalmartContacts.com. All you need is a prescription. If you don’t upload one or fax one when you order your contacts, WalmartContacts.com will call your eye doctor and verify your prescription for you.

My eye insurance will cover my exam and one pair of glasses or up to a certain amount in contacts. But contacts through my eye doctor are super expensive, even with rebates. So, I get my glasses and contact lens eye exams done at my eye doctor through insurance and order my contacts through WalmartContacts.com.


6. Get free shipping from Walmart Vision Center and WalmartContacts.com.

If you order through Walmart Vision Center or WalmartContacts.com, all your orders are totally free. They’ll usually take five to seven business days to come in.



7. You have 365 days to return Walmart contacts, but they can’t be opened.

Whether you’re ordering from WalmartContacts.com or getting them from Walmart Vision Center, you’ve got a year to return your Walmart contacts. You can only return them if they haven’t been opened.


8. Basic readers are cheaper on Walmart.com

If you just need basic readers, order them from Walmart.com, no prescription needed or anything. You can order three pairs for $8.97 ($2.99 a pair). Plus, you can get free shipping for your glasses if you’re a Walmart+ member or if your total order hits $35.

The same readers are available in Walmart stores for $5 – 10.


Have you purchased any Walmart eye care products in the past? Drop a comment below and share your experience!

Walmart Eye Care: This Is Where You Need to Buy Your Contacts