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Walmart Plus members are getting hit with an unwelcome surprise — a new $35 order minimum for same-day grocery deliveries. This comes as a shock to current members who didn’t receive a letter, email, or any sort of notification about the new order minimum from Walmart.

Previously, Walmart Plus members could get free grocery deliveries without having to spend a certain amount. Now, they’ll have to spend at least $35 to avoid extra fees.

If you’re wondering what the new order minimum means for your Walmart Plus membership, here’s everything you need to know:


A Walmart Plus membership used to give you free grocery delivery with no order minimum.

A delivery person handing a Walmart bag to a woman in her front doorway.

The whole “no order minimums” concept was a huge perk for the Walmart Plus program. Previously, Plus members didn’t have to worry about spending a certain amount of money on Walmart grocery deliveries. It was always free, regardless of your order total. So if you forgot to pick up a few smaller items at the store (like sugar or milk), you could order them for delivery without any extra fees.


But now, you’ll pay a $6.99 fee if your Walmart Plus grocery order is below $35.

Walmart great value disinfecting wipes in a walmart shopping bag

With the new $35 order minimum, Walmart Plus grocery deliveries under $35 are subject to a fee. If your grocery order doesn’t total at least $35, you’ll get hit with a $6.99 “below order minimum” fee.

So as a Walmart Plus member, you won’t have to pay the regular $9.95 Walmart delivery fee. But if you’re facing a $6.99 fee for orders under $35 anyway, what’s the draw?


The $35 order minimum only applies for Walmart Plus deliveries that include groceries.

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The new $35 order minimum only applies to Walmart grocery deliveries. So Walmart Plus members can still get non-grocery deliveries (think USB cables, office supplies, and more) without a minimum spend.

But as soon as you add a grocery item to your online cart (like milk), the $35 order minimum applies.


People started noticing this change in early February 2023.

A screenshot of the Walmnart Plus membership page online, highlighting the new $35 order minimum for grocery deliveries

Honestly, no one really knows when this new Walmart Plus rule went into effect. But Walmart Plus members started asking questions in early February 2023. Before then, they weren’t paying extra for grocery deliveries under $35.

But after noticing the added fee, many members were shocked and left wondering why things changed without them knowing about it.

The Walmart Plus fine print now includes the new order minimum, but without proper notification, some Plus members are still finding out the hard way. The lack of communication from Walmart has members feeling duped and wondering if Walmart purposely kept this change on the DL.


PSA: Walmart Secretly Added a New $35 Order Minimum for Plus Members