Even if you think you know everything about Walmart, there’s plenty of Walmart secrets most shoppers aren’t aware of. I’m talking about getting $10 off your first Walmart grocery order, grabbing Walmart refurbished laptops and other electronics on the cheap, and nabbing holiday clearance for up to 90% off.

Let’s play detective and uncover some Walmart secret deals.

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1. Get $10 off your first online grocery order plus $10 off for referring a friend.

One of my favorite Walmart secrets is how much you can save on grocery orders through promo codes and referrals. You can get $10 off your first grocery purchase of $50 or more. Just sign up through Walmart’s grocery pickup, shop and order your groceries, and use promo code WOWFRESH at checkout.

And after that, refer your friends to Walmart grocery to get a $10 off promo code for each referral. There’s no limit, so get the word out. I won’t admit how many times I’ve shared my referral code with my Facebook friends.


2. Look for Walmart refurbished tablets and other electronics for over 50% off.

Get the deepest discounts, especially on electronics, with refurbished Walmart electronics.

Refurbished electronics are just used items the manufacturer double-checks and makes fixes where necessary. You save hundreds by buying refurbished electronics and get a 90-day limited warranty, too. Plus, you can return it for any reason within 30 days.

I just saw a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab A for $98, which is $210 new.

Type “refurbished” into the search bar on Walmart.com, and scroll through the deals.


3. Skip the Dollar Tree for party supplies; buy them at Walmart Dollar Shop.

There’s no better feeling than beating Dollar Tree prices.

At Walmart’s Dollar Shop, they charge $0.97 for plates, napkins, silverware, and tons of other party supplies. Walmart beats dollar store prices by $0.03 for the same number of plates. So save yourself a trip and grab these at Walmart Dollar Shop instead.


4. Use a coupon worth more than your item and have the difference applied to your total.

If your coupon is worth more than the value of the item you’re buying, Walmart allows you to get “overage,” or the full value of your coupon, even if it’s for more than the item you’re buying.

You can use the “overage” toward other items in your cart, if you have them, but your cashier won’t hand you the difference back in cash.

For example, if you buy one loaf of Franz bread at $1.97, and your coupon is for $2 off one loaf, Walmart gives you the $0.03 overage towards your other purchases.

PRO TIP: Combine Ibotta rebates with Walmart coupon overages. With the new partnership between Walmart and Ibotta, you can get rebates added directly to your Walmart account. Then, use that cash directly on everything from a Walmart+ membership to a grocery order.


5. Get generic Rx for $4 at Walmart Pharmacy.

Did you know that Walmart Pharmacy has a $4 prescription list? All you need to do is bring your prescription to your local Walmart pharmacy or provide the info online. If it’s on the Walmart $4 prescription list, it’s a win! No insurance needed at all.

Anything on that list is $4 for a 30-day supply and $10 for a 90-day supply.



6. Watch for Walmart holiday clearance to start at 50% off and grow to 90% off.

Get 50% off holiday clearance the day after the holiday and 90% off three days after.

Don’t wait too long, though. You’re not the only deal hunter out there, so it’s not uncommon to see holiday clearance picked clean after a few days.


7. Ask your Walmart bakery and meat department for a discount on almost-expired items.

Here’s a trick for saving on meat and bread at Walmart. First, check the day-old racks for 50% discounts on bread.

Meat also gets discounted 30 – 50% a few days before expiring, so ask the butcher for a discount right around the expiration date.

Also, look for evening markdowns on both of these food items!


8. Buy craft supplies at Walmart and pay 50% less than you’d pay at Joann.

Joann Fabrics and Michaels sometimes offer “40% off one item” coupons. Shop at Walmart instead and get up to 50% off all of your brand-name fabric, yarn, fabric paint, knitting needles, etc. without even needing a coupon.

Check it out:

Lion Brand Hometown USA Yarn


9. Use your Walmart gift cards at Sam’s Club.

You can totally use a Walmart gift card at Sam’s Club stores and online, but here’s the catch: if you’re not a Sam’s Club member, Sam’s Club will charge you an extra 10%.


10. You can still price match on Walmart.com.

RIP price-matching the old-fashioned way! Price matching as we knew it in store at Walmart is totally gone. But you can still price match while shopping Walmart.com. Just call customer service at (800) 925-6278 or use the Walmart customer service chat and provide the lower price before processing your order.

Here are the major websites Walmart price matches with:



11. Return online orders without standing in line or even talking to a human.

Walmart returns are pretty easy to do in store, but no one likes to wait in a long line. I recommend using Walmart’s Mobile Express Returns.

You just get a QR code from your Walmart app, hit up the closest Walmart store, skip the line at customer service, and scan your QR code on the card reader at the cash wrap. That’s it. Just hand your item to the cashier.


12. Check all the endcaps for hidden clearance.

When you’re hunting for Walmart clearance, always check the endcaps (end sections of the aisles).

Clearance varies wildly by store, but in general, check clearance during the following times:

  • February – March: Heavy coats, winter clothes, and boots.
  • Late August – September: Swimsuits, summer decor, pool toys, dorm supplies, and school supplies.
  • Late October – early November: Fall decor, summer clothing and shoes, short-sleeved coats and jackets.


13. Pick up exclusive high-value coupons at Walmart sample displays.

Walmart sample vendors offer more than just a free snack. Grab a bite and check the counter as well, because these coupons are often very high value (think over $1) on items that are new to the market.


14. See a Freeosk? Grab a free deluxe-sized sample.

You won’t find these in every Walmart, but if you do, you’re lucky. This is no measely Costco-sized sample — these kiosks have deluxe-sized samples. Here are some of the samples I’ve seen so far:

  • Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers
  • Cuties Mandarin Oranges
  • Full-sized Clif Bars
  • Full-sized Rice Krispies Treats
  • Colgate Optic White Toothpaste
  • Tabasco Hot Sauce

Download the Freeosk app, and scan your phone to get the unique freebie code. To see the closest Freeosk location, tap the options menu in the app and select “Find a Freeosk.”



Have you noticed any of these Walmart secrets in store before? Share your experience in the comments below!

14 Little-Known Walmart Secrets Uncovered by KCL