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Zulily and Returning?! What to Know About These Two Comebacks

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If you were as gobsmacked by the closures of Zulily and last year as we were, you've probably been wondering, "Is Zulily returning? Can be saved?" To be perfectly honest, we were skeptical. But now we're hearing both have been acquired by new, albeit separate, owners.

Zulily is now a member of the Beyond, Inc. family. They're the owners of Overstock and the very company that saved Bed, Bath, & Beyond from extinction. In a statement, the bigwigs at Beyond, Inc. say the expect to have Zulily up and running fully by the end of June 2024 (wah, we don't want to wait that long)., on the other hand, will operate under the newly formed Very Jane, LLC. The new owners have no relation to the old, which was Jane Marketplace, LLC. They have an ambitious start date of May 31, 2024 for, but note that date could change.

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When will Zulily come back? You'll likely see them in again in June 2024.

It's going to take a beat to see Zulily return in the way we remember it — as a flash deal site with super slow shipping but great prices. While the site itself and its mobile app are in tact, Zulily's new owners, Beyond Inc., are currently looking at the end of June 2024 to have the whole operation shoppable for customers.

Who are the owners of Zulily?

In its new form, Zulily is owned and operated by Beyond, Inc., who have Overstock and Bed, Bath, & Beyond under their business umbrella.

Will Zulily still sell the same stuff?

Yep, it looks that way! In fact, part of the reason Beyond Inc. says they purchased the retailer is because now the company as a whole can get into fashion and accessories on top of the furniture and housewares they sell on their other sites, like Overstock and Bed, Bath, & Beyond. So expect plenty of clothing, footwear, jewelry, and watches on the new and improved Zulily.

Why did Zulily close down?

Ultimately, Zulily closed down because the company hit financial troubles they couldn't bounce back from and had to liquidate the entire site. Liquidating means selling off all of their assets (ie inventory) to pay off debts and close a business.

When will come back? May 31, hopefully.

On the website, the new owners offer up the date May 31, 2024 for a re-launch of the store. However, they also note that this date isn't set in stone and may have to be moved depending on how things shake out over the next few months.

Who are the owners of

The new owners are Very Jane, LLC. They are in no way connected to the previous owners, Jane Marketplace, LLC, which is probably refreshing news for sellers who got royally screwed with the closing of the old Which leads us to...

If you are a seller still owed money by Jane Marketplace, LLC, make sure you file your claim with a company called DSI.

When it acquired, Very Jane, LLC did not acquire the former owner's debts. That means if you're a seller who is still owed money by the old company, you need to direct a claim to the folks handling the closure fallout. DSI ABCs, LLC 10 South LaSalle Street, Suite 3300 Chicago, IL 60603 Telephone: 312-971-9032 Email:

Will still sell the same stuff?

It looks that way! According to an FAQ left on, the new owners are committed to bringing back the small business seller marketplace that made the retailer a hit to begin with.

What happened to the website

On Nov. 17, 2023 suddenly had a cryptic message: "Down for maintenance." But it actually wasn't down for maintenance, the whole business seemingly shut down without so much as a word of warning to sellers and employees. From there it became a tangled debacle of sellers trying to claim money owed to them by the business, and customers disputing charges for purchases they were never going to receive.

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