My "happy place" is the thrift store. I admit that thrift shopping can be an acquired taste if you aren't used to the idea, but when you find your first silk Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress for $12, I promise you'll be hooked. Here are a few of my tips for things you should always buy at a thrift store:





1. Summer tops

Cute, floaty, patterned summer tank tops are a dime a dozen at the thrift stores. These are easily washed, rarely go out of style, and you can pick up a whole wardrobe of them for pennies on the dollar.

2. Sundresses

There are generally racks upon racks of brightly colored sundresses just waiting for a pair of sandals and a stroll through Main Street in the warm summer air. The best part? They're usually all $5 or less and easily washable.

3. Special Occasion Dresses

Going to your husband's work event? The symphony? Prom? Daughter's piano recital? Special occasion dresses are hardly worn and can be found at the thrift store for a fraction of the price of a brand-new dress. I have even seen J.Crew 100% silk wedding dresses for $50. Sounds like a party to me!

4. Purses

Purses are expensive. And, let's be honest, women tend to hoard them. So when they clean out their closets, they're apt to drop off a whole bag of unused, beautiful purses which will then be marked less than $10. Look for genuine leather and unique detailing, and you have a statement accessory that you can carry every day.

5. Work Clothes

I found a Georgio Armani hot pink suit for $20 at the thrift store once, and it looked hardly worn. Banana Republic pencil skirt, new with tags? $2.99. I highly recommend looking through the blazers, suits, and skirts sections at the thrift store. They seem to be passed over by most shoppers, but if you need work clothes, some high-quality bargains are certain to be waiting for you.

Thrifting Tips

  • Buy off-season! In the middle of winter, I look for all of those cute summer tops and sundresses. Things will be less picked over, and chances are, people are cleaning them out of their closets off-season, too.
  • Always keep an eye out for special occasion dresses, because you never know when you might need one, and $10 is a worthwhile investment for a knock-out dress to keep in your closet (even if you only take it out every once in a while to admire it!).
  • Try things on! If your thrift store has a dressing room, try to take advantage of it. There's nothing worse than finding the most adorable summer dress that won't fit over your head when you get home. That's not a bargain!

This is a guest post by Natalie from St. Paul, MN
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5 Types of Clothing You Should Always Buy at the Thrift Store