I have to admit, when it comes to jeans I’m a bit of a snob. Although I’m always tempted to buy less-expensive jeans from Target or Old Navy, nothing fits me quite like my pricey Sevens or Joes. However, after shelling out big bucks for an article of clothing, I always get nervous washing them for fear that they may shrink, fade or start to get thin and fray. Fortunately, I’ve discovered a new way to clean my jeans without the possibility of any of that happening—by freezing them!

You’re probably wondering what sticking your jeans in the freezer between those stale TV dinners and that gallon of ice cream that you’re trying to avoid will really do, but the answer is quite simple! The frigid temperatures in the freezer will kill the bacteria that have leached onto your jeans while wearing them, rendering them odor-free and fresh. Of course, freezing your jeans won’t eliminate any actual stains, so you’ll need to spot-treat any marks first. When I first heard one of the VP’s of Levis touting this tip as an alternative to washing, I thought that it sounded ridiculous! However, after trying it out, my denim actually did feel clean and fresh! Since then, I’ve taken to freezing my jeans once a week, though still throwing them in for a proper wash once a month or so. To freshen your jeans with the freezer, start by neatly folding your jeans and smoothing out any wrinkles. Next, put them in a large plastic bag and place them in the freezer, where you should let them sit for at least 24 hours. Pull them out and you’re done! Just remember to defrost them before you try to put them on.


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