Although I must admit, I spend most of my time running around town in a pair of beat-up, old Converse, I still love getting dressed up from time to time. Unfortunately, whenever I pull out my leather shoes and bags, I usually find that they’re covered with scuff marks! Since I don’t typically keep shoe polish on hand, I often find myself throwing them back in the closet and grabbing my old standbys. Fortunately, I recently discovered a great trick for eliminating those scuff marks with something that I always have in my house—bananas! To get rid of those annoying scuffs, simply buff them with the inside of a banana peel. Next, wipe away any reside, and continue to buff them with a soft, clean cloth. The oils found in the banana will sink into the shoes and diminish the scuff marks. In addition to shoes, this trick works well on other leather items such as handbags, jackets, wallets and even running shoes!

Remove Leather Scuff Marks with a Banana Peel