If you’re looking for cheap airline tickets — and I mean ULTRA CHEAP — you might become a frequent flyer of Avelo Airlines.

You probably haven’t heard of Avelo Airlines, but they’re becoming famous for super-low fares that Allegiant and Spirit can’t touch.

Here’s what you need to know:


The base fare at Avelo Airlines starts at just $4.28.

Avelo Airlines is a western U.S. carrier that has no-kidding $4.28 flights — with $14.72 in taxes and fees, totalling $19. But from there, like many budget carriers, the price goes up with add-ons.

While every one of Avelo’s airports offers $19 flights, they’re not every day. The most expensive flights we saw on the site were $39.

Avelo only flies a few days a week, so when you check flights, make sure to select the “low fare calendar” to see when the $19 flights are happening.

Note: The only place to buy a ticket is at Avelo’s website.


Avelo serves 11 airports that all fly to and from Burbank.

The hub of Avelo is the Burbank airport in the Los Angeles area, and all flights on the carrier are either going to or from there to these 11 airports:

  • Arcata/Eureka, CA
  • Bozeman Yellowstone, MT
  • Eugene, OR
  • Grand Junction, CO
  • Medford – Rogue Valley, OR
  • Ogden Hinckley, UT
  • Pasco (Tri-Cities), WA
  • Phoenix-Mesa, AZ
  • Redding, CA
  • Redmond, OR
  • Santa Rosa-Sonoma County, CA

While you can’t fly from Redding to Yellowstone, buying two $19 flights will get you there via layover in Burbank.


You’re charged at least $4 to pick a seat, no matter what.

So, the $19 fare is really $23, because they make you pick a seat, and seats start at $4. The most expensive seats are $36 — and they’re at the front of the plane, naturally.

And if you want to be one of the first to get on the plane, add another $10 to your total.


There’s no in-flight wi-fi.

In case you were hoping to check your stock quotes or send an email while flying, you should know Avelo isn’t networked. They may offer it in the future, but for now, you’ll be off the grid for two hours or less.


It’s $10 to check a bag — and $35 to put a bag in the overhead bin.

It’s cheaper to check your bag at Avelo Airlines than it is to bring one on board. It’s just $10 to check a bag, but $35 to bring one on board and put it overhead.

Competitor Allegiant Airlines charges $35 to check a bag, and a carry-on is $10-$75, depending on the flight. Spirit Airlines charges $21-$50 per checked bag and $35+ for a carry-on bag.


There are some freebies still, like a snack.

A personal carry-on item (like a purse or backpack) is free on Avelo Airlines, but they also offer free wheelchair assistance and special assistance for passengers. Just request it as part of the add-ons during the ticket buying process.

And they do offer a free bottle of water and a snack on board.


Avelo is pet friendly for a $95 fee.

Pets cost more on Avelo than humans, although the $95 fee is still cheaper than what Spirit charges ($110 each way).

Make sure to make a reservation on their website prior to purchase, as they accept reservations on a first-come, first-served basis.


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