I love me some JetBlue, but I gotta say, I’m a little bummed at them right now.

JetBlue just announced that some of its fees are going up in order to account for rising jet fuel costs.

Here are some details:


Pay $30 for the first checked bag — and prices go up from there.

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Known for being one of the premier discount airlines in the U.S., JetBlue has gone from being one of the last to adopt baggage fees (just three years ago) to being the priciest.

The airline raised its prices Aug. 27 to $30 for the first bag (up from $25) and $40 for the second (up from $35). Want to check a third bag? That’ll run you $150 (up from $100).

By comparison, the big dogs — United, American and Delta — all still charge $25 for the first bag, $35 for the second bag and a comparable $150 for three bags.


Save $5 when you prepay your luggage fee online.

They’ll get ya with airport fees. Plan ahead and save.


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Need to change a flight? That’ll cost you up to $50 more now.

JetBlue’s change fees depend on the cost of your total fare, but until now, you wouldn’t pay more than $150 per person, per ticket.

Now the limit’s $200.


There’s still a way to get a free checked bag — buy a higher-tier fare.

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Blue Plus fares come with one free checked bag; Blue Flex fares come with two.

A flight from New York City to L.A. is $202 at the lowest “Blue” fare level. The “Blue Plus” fare is $25 more expensive (cheaper than the fee for one checked bag), and the “Blue Flex” fare is $125 more expensive — much more than the cost of two checked bags, but also allows for flight changes.

There’s also the JetBlue Mint tier, but that’s their top-end First Class at $610 more than the Blue fare.



Perks like in-flight TV and free Wi-Fi aren’t changing.

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JetBlue knows those services are their most popular, so they didn’t touch them. Free “Fly-Fi” and in-flight entertainment on all flights aren’t affected by the changes.


There are still plenty of ways to save money on a JetBlue flight.

Yeah, it’s a bummer this discount airline has the highest baggage fees.

Don’t despair, though — I’ve got a bunch of ways to save hundreds of dollars flying JetBlue.


Other airlines are eyeing price hikes, too.

Industry watchers wonder whether this will mean other airlines will increase their baggage fees, too.

In related news, Southwest Airlines has raised its EarlyBird boarding fee from a flat-rate $15 to up to $25 — depending on the booking.

On United Airlines, passengers soon will have to pay extra for certain economy seat assignments.


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JetBlue Increases Fees to Keep Up with Soaring Fuel Prices