I will never forget—or live down—the day I lost my car around the corner from the music concert I was attending. After the concert, my friend and I walked around for what felt like hours looking for it. We looked…and looked…and looked…finally we spied a taxi and flagged it down. We then proceeded to pay that taxi driver $60 to drive us to all the places where I thought I might have parked it. When we found my car literally one block away from the concert venue, I can conservatively say I wanted my $60 back. Today, GPS makes it virtually impossible to lose ourselves anywhere…thank goodness. With these very smart apps, you can move about the city and the world with confidence and always find your way home again!

1. Find My Car

This app is simple to download and use. All you do is set your car's location before you leave. Then, when you are ready to head home again, you re-open the app, locate your car's last position (it will automatically display), and follow the directions on the screen. The app will even give you estimated distance to your car in real time.

2. Dude, Where's My Car?

This free app gives you directions to your car from anywhere you find yourself. The in-app paid upgrade also gives you access to one-touch taxi calls, directions to the nearest parking lots, cheap hotspots (like gas stations) and parking meter alarm alerts.

3. MyCar Locator

This simple, clear, free app does one thing and does it very well: uses your phone's GPS to locate your car. As a bonus, you can also use it to remember your campsite, your bus stop, your hotel, and any other location you may have trouble relocating later.

4. My StuffFinder

This app knows that your car isn't the only thing you've ever misplaced. With My StuffFinder, you can mark the location of any item you routinely lose track of (and even those you don't)—for instance, your keys, your glasses, your employee badge, your coffee cup, your wallet…the possibilities are endless. You can record a photo and (if you like) an audio note about the item's location. The app automatically places you within 16 feet of the lost item, and your notes and photo can take you the rest of the way there. There is also a "Plus" version (a paid in-app upgrade of $0.99) that gives you tracking for an unlimited amount of items.

5. Where is my Car?

This free app gets high marks from users for simplicity and accuracy. It automatically sets your car's location when you disconnect the Bluetooth and will guide you right back to it when you want to go home. You can also set a manual location (if you don't have Bluetooth or for any other reason). And the app has no in-app ads—a bonus when you need to focus!


Never Lose Your Car Again with These 5 Free Apps