Couponers and the news industry have a strange, symbiotic relationship. We love coupons, and newspapers like to sell subscriptions. Retailers sometimes don’t like multiple coupons falling into a single shopper’s hands.

Still, many newspapers offer special Sunday-only subscription deals for coupon enthusiasts. That means discounted subscription rates for multiple copies (although some publications limit the number they’ll deliver to the doorstep).

Inside each Sunday paper are "Coupon Inserts" from SmartSource (SS), RedPlum (RP), or Procter & Gamble (PG).  Krazy Couponers should start with a subscription for two copies of the Sunday paper.

Call your local paper's circulation department. Make sure to ask if the paper carries the big, three-coupon inserts and if they offer a Sunday-only subscription option. Also remember to ask for discounts.

For those in rural areas, purchase whole inserts online from services or eBay.

Dollar stores, like the Dollar Tree, often carry Sunday papers for $1.00 a copy. Another option is to ask friends, family and neighbors to save their coupons.

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