With spring quickly approaching, your little ones will need new threads to usher in the warmer weather! But how many times have you gone to the basement to haul out last season's clothing only to find it no longer fits them? Big bummer! Well thredUp.com has a solution that will help you put pre-loved clothing in their closets while putting cash for their old clothing in your pockets!

From now until February 8, 2012, become a member of the thredUp.com community for FREE and receive 20% off your first box of pre-loved and gently used clothing items with their latest spring promotional coupon code, SPRING20!

Here is how thredUp.com works

  1. Register for FREE with their site and gain instant access to their buying and selling community. I signed up and registration took less than two minutes!
  2. Use the simple search engines to search for clothing and accessories by gender and size. Sizes range from preemie/newborn to size 20! Instantly thousands of available and pre-loved items boxed and ready for shipping will be displayed for you to peruse. Sellers include vast and detailed descriptions of the items you will be receiving in your box and some include photo links as well! Prices and shipping will vary, so be sure to read the entire description before committing to buy!
  3. Click on the "buy it" button and thredUp will lead you through the easy and secure checkout transaction! Enter the coupon code SPRING20 when prompted, and receive 20% your first box! I experimented with this code and was able to get a $9.00 box of name brand clothing in girl's size 6 for the discount cost of $7.20. Shipping was $11 due to the volume of clothing being sent (a dozen items) so total cost for 12 clothing items was $18.20 shipped, approx. $1.50 per item shipped. Not too shabby!!
  4. Lastly, wait for your box of pre-loved clothing to arrive and enjoy!

Not sure how much you trust buying second hand clothing on the Internet? No worries! thredUp.com provides a member detailed feedback forum on all of its sellers to ensure you are getting a reputable and honest seller, resulting in the the quality of clothing you expect!

Want to sell some of your own pre-loved children's clothing? thredUp.com can assist you with that too! Once you are a registered member, you will have access to their selling community where you too can offer your gently used children's threads and even receive free shipping labels to ship your items at no cost to you! According to thredUp.com, it is so easy, a baby can do it!

Remember, this coupon code is only valid until midnight on February 8, 2012 and is only valid for new thredUp.com customers! The code is only valid on one box and cannot be applied to previous purchases. Because each clothing offering varies from seller to seller, start shopping NOW to find the freshest deals and best variety!

Want to buy? Want to sell? Want to just peek around? Visit thredUp.com now and register so you too can enjoy all of the buying and selling privleges their site has to offer! And with a 20% off incentive, there has never been a better time to spring to it!