CVS Curbside Pickup


You remember CVS curbside pickup, right? That neat feature they started testing back in 2016 used to let you snag your stuff without ever stepping foot into the store. Well, you might be a bit bummed to hear it, but the whole "CVS pickup" thing isn't around anymore. That's the official word from their website, at least.

But hey, don't worry, there are still plenty of ways to grab your goods from CVS without spending too much time in-store. Although CVS curbside pickup isn't an option anymore, there are other options to make your CVS shopping trip quick and easy.

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1. No CVS curbside pickup? No problem — pick up your order in-store at participating locations.

Two people standing in front of a CVS register while a clerk is holding a shopping bag with merchandise in it.

While CVS curbside pickup is no longer an option, many stores still have an in-store pickup service.

To do an in-store pickup order, you'll place your order online or through the app, and select in-store pickup. Most orders can get fulfilled the very same day if you order early enough. After you place your order, you'll have to physically go into a CVS store to pick up the order.

2. You can use digital coupons and earn ExtraBucks with CVS pickup orders.

Pampers coupons on the CVS app with a basket holding two packs of pampers diapers.

The great thing about placing an online order on is you still earn your ExtraBucks Rewards. Plus, most digital coupons can be applied. Make sure that when you clip them to your account, they say "in-store or online."

You can earn ExtraBucks and use coupons all from your couch. Just make sure you put your pants on to go pick up the order in-store.

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3. Use Instacart coupons to save on CVS Delivery.

Someone browsing through CVS Instacart store on a laptop

Sometimes you just don't want to get dressed and go inside the store. That's where the beauty of Instacart comes into play.

Shopping through Instacart still gives you some sales that you'd see in the store and also coupons for products. You can also earn 2% back in ExtraBucks Rewards on qualifying CVS purchases made on Instacart. Just add your ExtraBucks Rewards account number to your Instacart profile.

In case you didn't know, Instacart prices are higher, plus you have to pay a delivery fee and tip. As a couponer trying to save the most money, CVS delivery wouldn't be the way to do it. But if you have a sick kid at home and need medicine, it has its purpose.

4. Get your CVS order delivered to your door with DoorDash.

A man delivering food in a doordash bag.

As with Instacart, you can shop at CVS through DoorDash. Lately, my app has been really trying to push shopping at "convenience" stores through DoorDash and has offered me deals like "$10 off $30" and "40% off three convenience orders." Offers vary by user, but make sure you look for DoorDash coupons before you check out.

Their prices are higher and they do charge fees, so be mindful of that.

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5. You can't use paper manufacturer coupons on CVS pickup orders.

person holding a manufacturers coupon for colgate toothpaste in cvs

You can't use paper coupons (inserts or printable coupons) for your CVS pickup order, but you can use CVS digital coupons. Just clip them to your account before checking out online.

6. CVS ExtraCare rewards members get exclusive offers and can use ExtraBucks on pickup orders.

Someone pointing at a receipt showing their cvs extra bucks rewards

While you can't use paper manufacturer coupons for pickup orders, if you're an ExtraCare Rewards member, you can take advantage of exclusive CVS offers and even put your ExtraBucks toward your purchase. Any discounts through ExtraCare deals or ExtraBucks Rewards on your rewards card will be applied after checkout through the app.